THE PROTÉGÉ Trailer (2021) Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson

THE PROTÉGÉ Trailer (2021) Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton
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  1. They need to stop giving us the whole movie in a trailer

  2. This looks dope I can't wait to watch it

  3. This is a must watch for sure because it has the people from John Wick and the creator of Casino Royale with Michael Keaton as the main villain oh hell yeah and Maggie Q and Samuel L Jackson

  4. Sheesh they love killing Samuel L so much they had to show it in a trailer 😂

  5. …and what about a crossover with John Wick???I would pay serious buck to see that,Maggie is kick ass!

  6. You know…I've always had her in mind as the best Ada Wong we'll ever see.She's pretty,clever,lethal…half asian,gymnast,trained…and,above all,a good actress who delievers.Who's with me?

  7. Intresting, this movie was made during the so called pandemic lol……….meantime people were closed behind doors.What a travesty it was…….and still is…

  8. They had me at Maggie, anything she's in, I watch no questions asked. You don't question NIKITA. Lol! I love her

  9. NIKITA MY LOVE!! 😭😭 it’s been 84 years…

  10. this is the new 007 but starred by Maggie q

  11. I remember when she made my damn she's the finest woman I ever saw list. 2006, Mission Impossible III.

  12. Can Michael Keaton please play batman again? He looks great in this.

  13. ok She is the female John Wick. I need to see this, Action is my name 🙂

  14. So basically this is Jane Wick? Maggie Q is the real G, bout time she head sumten. She it.

  15. Her face in oh yeah? Is everything 😂 youre messing the wrong woman💪

  16. One of the best female action star I always admire, saw her in Nikita and I never forgot her 😍 I'm happy to see her, I'm hoping she'll go big from here on!

  17. Maggie Q still looks as young as ever

  18. I don't think this movie will be very good.

  19. Good to see Nikita after a longgggg longgg time.. Like the last time I saw her was in "Nikita"..

  20. I'm hyped. Maggie is so attractive confident.

  21. cant wait for this man.

  22. MAGGIE Q, MY QUEEN! What can I do to serve you today?
    Hollywood better give her the hype and awards she deserves!

    (Nikita has been my favorite Western series ever <3)

  23. Nikita is back hunty!!!! Here for it!!!

  24. OMG! I haven't seen Maggie since MI 3.

  25. Maggie q da booom👍👍

  26. FINALLY!!!! a film that has MAGGIE Q!!! WRITT6FOR HER!!! She was able to this $h!t like what 20 years ago!!!!!

  27. Still miss Nikita and wish they had did a big screen version with Maggie Q.

  28. Maggie is underrated as an action star. She’s dope well trained and actually does most of her stunts

  29. this I wanna SEE!!!!🔥🔥👍🏽

  30. Saw the trailer only for Maggie Q,,,,, see her after long time,, last seen in Die Hard-4