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I cosplayed Cinderella(The movie) at Colonial Williamsburg Saturday. I’m not really good at cosplay western characters because I have a very oriental face ^^ I was really upset about this wig because it’s too thin. I had to fit my wig all the time to cover my black hair. I tried my best to cosplay her.I thought this place would suit this cosplay perfectly. People who work there wear costumes too. I enjoyed cosplaying Cinderella very much even it was extremely hot. It was also very hard to walk around with this dress. This dress would fit me better if the size is XS. Anyway, I enjoyed this trip very much. ^^ People really liked this costume and took pictures with me^^

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Thank you so much for sending me this costume. I really like this. This dress would fit me better if the size is XS.

Music: The Great Movement – Cinderella – Lavender’s Blue (Dilly Dilly) (Music Box Cover)

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