Rockstar’s Legacy Tarnished

Rockstar’s Legacy Tarnished

 Grand Theft Auto needs no introduction as every gamer will have heard of or played it at some point. Even those who have never played a video game before will likely have heard of Grand Theft Auto due to its reputation in the media. Those who are veterans of the series will know that Rockstar likes to go as far as possible in terms of questionable content, which is why it has enjoyed much time in the limelight in the past. Rockstar have previously enjoyed a history of releasing quality, masterful games that are consistently considered to be some of the best of all time. Titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Bully come to mind when thinking of some of their best IPs.


However, many might have seen Rockstar plastered in the media once again of late, but this time it seems it is for the wrong reasons. Those who have been following gaming news will know that Rockstar had announced a remaster game for three classic Grand Theft Auto games: San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III. When this news came out, pretty much the whole gaming community was ecstatic. This was because these are games that many gamers grew up with and there is an undoubted sense of collective nostalgia regarding these games, San Andreas in particular. When it was announced that these games would be updated to provide better visuals and modern controls, it is clear to see why people might have been so happy.

Disappointment is always worse when happiness is at its peak, and this is exactly what many gamers experienced when they bought the Trilogy and played it for the first time. People only need to go online and type in the name of the game to see how audiences and critics alike are slamming the game for its poor quality. If the reaction sees extraordinarily amplified, that’s because it is. The reason for this is a mixture of the aforementioned disappointment that people felt and the fact that Rockstar is a company that is known for producing the best games around. It is similar to CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 scandal in that people were expecting a quality game, and simply did not receive this.

It is a shame too, as audiences know that Rockstar is so much better than what can be seen in the Trilogy. This is a studio that created one of the best stories of all time in Red Dead Redemption 2. GTA V is another masterpiece that offers players a world that essentially simulates real life. Players can even go to an in-game casino to try and win money, just like what they can do here at wish casinos.

The problems with the genre are listless but include issues such as poor visuals and character models, game-breaking bugs and cut content from the original games. It is disappointing, but Rockstar are still a quality studio and if they cannot be expected to quickly correct their errors, then no studio can.

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