Most Important Reasons to Play Cyberpunk 2077

Most Important Reasons to Play Cyberpunk 2077

Everyone has heard at least a dozen reasons why you should not play Cyberpunk 2077. Especially if you don’t have a next-generation console.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the difficulties this game faced when it first came out. Which, by the way, are still extremely tough to come by even eight months after their first release. Continue reading because we’ll tell you reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to play this game.

The Diverse Open World Game Play

There is a landscape for everyone on the open-world map. From urban cityscapes with skyscrapers that shut off the horizon to the Badlands. Where the open road beckons just over every hill, the Badlands have it all.

The globe is vast, open, and diversifiedjust like most online casino games. Not only through the main mission. But also through the numerous side quests accessible, you can explore all of these locales.

The Full Story Is Told Through Side Quests

Some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s length. These individuals did not complete the side tasks. The developers put a lot of work into the tale. It’s not simply about Johnny and V.

Moreover, you learn more about the true corruption that has engulfed Night City. Explore the Badlands to learn why the Aldocaldos value freedom so much. But, more significantly, you’ll learn about the lore and how it all began. Before completing the main story, you can spend hours pursuing side tasks in a single region, earning respect.

The World’s Best Loot Storage System

Furthermore, storage is usually a concern in any game that requires you to acquire as much loot as possible. We’ve all received the notification that we are ‘Overburdened’. When this occurs, most games provide you with a limited number of options for resolving the issue.

Typically, you must choose whether to drop and lose something to see what you can sell. In the case of Cyberpunk, this is not the case. You have the option to disassemble objects when you receive this notice. This transforms them into components that you can utilize for crafting. Or you can place them in your car and access them from any loot box location in the game.

Johnny Silverhand

Yes, he is the main character, and we are all aware that he exists in the game. But he is without a doubt one of the most well-thought-out NPCs we have seen in a long time. In addition, he is tough, but there is more to him than meets the eye. You either love to despise him or you can’t wait to see what type of craziness he’ll pull next.

Dismantling Enemies in a Fashionable Manor

Although Cyberpunk doesn’t allow you to customize your character’s clothes, the combat and weapon customization possibilities are vast. Emphasizing that this is a world of kill or be killed in the urban jungle.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your weapon of choice. This includes improving ammo, employing armour-piercing rounds, and many more. You may even add a rocket launcher in your arm to replace grenades.

Your arsenal’s versatility allows you to decapitate and devastate your adversary in practically any way you want.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why you should be playing Cyberpunk 2077.

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