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5 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to the Magic of Escape Rooms

5 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to the Magic of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are great attractions for families to enjoy together. Escape rooms work by locking the group in a room for a set amount of time to determine if the group can work out the puzzle to get out the room before the timer runs out. It requires utilizing a puzzle to best conquer the escape room. This is a fun activity to enjoy with children of all ages and to captivate young minds and hearts. There are certain benefits that are given to children by defeating an escape room. Continue reading below to learn five reasons to expose your kids to an escape room.

1. Grow in Critical Thinking Abilities

When working in an escape room, you have to be able to develop critical thinking skills in order to best defeat the puzzle. It requires quick decision making as well in order to conquer the time that is set.

Escape rooms are only conquered through thinking quickly and efficiently. They are not made to be defeated within five to ten minutes, so problem-solving is a necessity. Your children will be able to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making skills when defeating an escape room.

5 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to the Magic of Escape Rooms

2.Bring Your Family Closer Through Teamwork

Teamwork and effective communication is necessary when completing an escape room. Bringing your kids will open up communication between your family and will bring your family closer as you have to work together to beat the escape room. Children can assist in delegating tasks or in participating in the delegation of tasks as well.

When tasks are delegated, it is important to never forget to work with your family and communicate. Families cannot argue or fight when completing an escape room, so this is why families will be brought closer instead of apart. Even introverted children can become involved.

3. Grow Skills Based in Academics

Math and English are necessary when completing an escape room. Math and English are also essential skills for a child’s academic success. They will prove to be more successful in these classes and will use these skills in a real life circumstance in an escape room.

The puzzles require communication which requires English skill building as aforementioned. There are also word puzzles and special instructions that must be followed. Finally, there are math and logic puzzles that require calculating numbers or unlocking locks in order to succeed in the escape room. 

Essentially, escape rooms allow the practical application of things that children learn during school so they can more see the value in what they learn on a daily basis. And though most escape rooms are only for adults or adolescents, there are still plenty of kid friendly escape rooms to choose from.

4. Bring Learning to a Fun Environment

Many children associate learning as school which is often associated with boredom. Completing an escape room puzzle makes learning more exciting and innovative. Having an innovative method of learning will also help your children to retain math and English skills utilized in the escape room.

Escape rooms build skills in many subjects, including math and English like mentioned previously. Some are even designed to appear like certain habitats that are taught about in science. Others are themed based on literary works including Sherlock Holmes or are based on historical events.

5. With Innovative Learning, Children Will Become More Interested in Learning

Skills that are utilized in an escape room may pique the interest in the skillset. Students and children may go back to their schools or learning environments talking and sharing excitedly during certain subjects, relating the material back to the escape room. Students have the opportunity to discover and learn so much more about the world around them, the historical world and worlds they can only dream about. Taking your children to an escape room is a great way to reinforce these skills.

Final Thoughts

Escape rooms are not only fun for your families to enjoy, but they are also a great way to reinforce skills and learning. Children can learn practical skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and decision making. They can also learn how to value teamwork, communicate effectively and develop their learning skill sets, especially in Math and English.


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