Aladdin (musical) – Movie version concept art

These are my character designs for a movie(actually, comic book, but we’ll see how that goes as this is a not-so-near future project) adaptation of the Aladdin Broadway musical. This version of the story is set somewhere in the Arab Gulf region(think Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar). Therefore, Agrabah would look more like a city of adobe buildings(also, Agrabah is an Emirate/princely state in this version, not a sultanate).

The drawings here are my character designs for the main characters. The same changes made to the Broadway show apply to this version as well- Abu the monkey is replaced by Babkak, Omar and Kassim(a trio of young men who are Aladdin’s best friends), Rajah the tiger is replaced by Aisha, Laila and Dalia(a trio of handmaidens- Dalia is the same as the character from the live action version, except that she ends up with Kassim, not the Genie; the other two- Aisha and Laila- are my original characters) and Iago is Jafar’s human assistant and not a parrot. Jasmine’s mother is also featured as a supporting character in this version.

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