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Batman Dead End – Short Fan Film – Joker , Predator & Alien – Sci Fi Movies

Batman Dead End – Short Fan Film – Joker , Predator & Alien – Sci Fi Movies

Batman Dead End – Watch this Really well made Batman Short Fan Film – With Joker , Predator & Alien Based on Hit Heroes from DC Comics & Sci Fi Movies Alien / Predator.

Batman Dead End

Batman Dead End is a fan film written and directed by Sandy Collora that premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and on the internet shortly after. The film crosses over the DC Comics superhero Batman with the Alien and Predator science fiction film franchises.

Batman Dead End

Batman Dead End Plot
Batman corners an escaped Joker, only to have the villain suddenly dragged off by an Alien. The Alien is, in turn, killed by a Predator, which Batman fights and defeats. Other Predators then appear just as more Aliens emerge from the darkness behind Batman. The film ends abruptly with Batman caught in between the two alien species.

Batman Dead End Cast
Clark Bartram as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Andrew Koenig as the Joker
Kurt Carley as the Predator
Jake McKinnon as the Alien
Patrick Oronet, Patrick Magee and Kurt Carley as other Predators

The film was made for a reported $30,000 and filmed in parts of North Hollywood, California, as a stand-in for Gotham City. Collora filmed a similar project, 2004’s World’s Finest.

Film director and comic book writer Kevin Smith called it “possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made”, and comic book artist Alex Ross praised it as “Batman the way I’ve always wanted to see him”. Collora has stated in interviews that the film was made as a demonstration reel to attract attention to his directing skills, and as such, succeeded in its goal.

Fan Films Quarterly listed Batman: Dead End as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history in its Summer 2006 issue Distributed by Collora Studios TheForce.Net
Initial Release date – July 19, 2003
Running time – 8 minutes

About Batman

In May 1939, Batman made his first appearance in DC Comics’ Detective Comics issue #27. Since then, the Caped Crusader has become one of the most iconic and popular Super Heroes in pop culture.

Batman is known for his dark, brooding persona and his endless crusade to fight crime in Gotham City. He is one of the few Super Heroes who doesn’t have any superpowers, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most effective crime-fighters in the DC Universe.

Batman has been a part of many memorable stories over the years, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you’re a fan of Batman, then you’re sure to enjoy these great stories from DC Comics.

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