Cloud Flash Drive using Hologram Nova and Raspberry Pi: Contest

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In October of this year I applied for the electronics competition organized by and Hologram called The Hologram Nova Challenge. The idea I submitted was called Hola Connect! Me and my dad came up with the idea, and what it does is converts any unconnected device in a house to an Internet-of-Things device by using the Hologram Nova and Raspberry Pi. Essentially, it would make it where anything with a USB port is IoT capable : an old TV or an outdated car record player, or any other device with a USB port – a receiver, a projector, an MP3 player, etc.
The device needs to have a USB input so it can be connected to any storage cloud, like a Dropbox folder or Google Drive folder.
One idea that me and my dad came up for this, and one that we absolutely loved was taking a digital picture frame and making it IoT capable. These digital photo frames were popular for awhile, but now that can be better utilized through the cloud and IoT. We decided to synchronize one of these photo frames that my grandparents had back in our home country with a folder on my iPhone here in Novato. They’ll be able to see photos I share with them 9,000 miles away seamlessly.

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