Comic Art LIVE Fall 2020 Panel with Artists Helena Masellis, Gerald Parel & Casey Parsons

Join us at 3pm EST on Saturday, November 14th for a lively sketch session with Kirby’s Comic Art Artists Helena Masellis, Gerald Parel and Casey Parsons. During the live panel the four creators will be available to answer your questions about their careers and current projects, and all three are open to requests and commissions. For more information please contact Kirby’s Comic Art. A HUGE THANK YOU! to Kirby’s Comic Art for helping us organize this panel!

Helena Masellis is a storyboard artist, inker, concept artist and illustrator in the comic book industry from Italy. She is well know for her incredibly unique ink style, both traditional and digital.

Gerald Parel is renowned French comic book artist, illustrator, concept artist, animator, video game artist, and musician, currently living in Berlin, Germany. He is well known for his work for Marvel Comics.

Casey Parsons is a Canadian comic book artist and fine artist. He has worked as a fine artist for over a decade. Since opening a comic book store in Canada, he began working on comic material again.

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