Comic Con Vs Artificial Intelligence! – Bigger, BETTER & Remastered (4K)

What happens when you mix SDCC, COSPLAY & A.I. ?
You get to relive all these amazing cosplayers in 4K, how they were meant to be seen! Honestly we’re shocked at the results!

We were incredibly nostalgic for Comic Con, and wanted to bring back some of that joy that we’ve not been able to experience the last few years.


0:00 – Updated 4K Cosplay Video
3:20 – How we did it!
8:05 – Side by side comparison

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Song used under permission from Down With Webster. “One In A Million”

“One In A Million” by Down With Webster

Official Video
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Thumbnails Images: –
Original Spider character:
Wonder Woman:



Originally filmed on a Canon 7D, with a FlyCam 5000
Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects.
Thanks to Legacy FX, Stan Winston School & Wired Magazine for allowing us to film their awesome robot!

Shout out to the team at Nerd HQ too.
Shout out and thanks to: (If we missed you shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to add you)

Angi Viper:
Riki LeCotey aka Ridd1e: (Star Trek officer):
Ani-Mia (Zatanna):
YaYa Han (Phoenix):
Meagan Marie (Wonder Woman)
Gilly Kins (Scarlet Which)
Igor Pinski (Mr Pinski):
Ivy Doom Kitty (Captain America Dress):
Castle Corsetry (Star Trek Bunnies):
The Hillywood Show (Warm Bodies):
Hannah Minx:
Screen Team:
Aicosu – Sheila & Sylar (Lutece Twins):
Wayne Anderson (End Demon):
Melissa Jimenez Ramirez (Original Spider character):
Mo Meinhart (Performer):
Cinema Make Up School:
Hope Summers:
Leeanna Vamp (Puss in Boots):
Erick MD & Rose Ivy (Booker and Elizabeth):
Alexabder Albatross (Handy Man):
Robert “RJ” Haddy (Penguin):
Wolverine, Bumblebee & IronMan:
League of Hot Geeks:
Maghia Cosplay as Princess Peach
Jacob Jake as Iron Man Mark 42
David Rubilar as Rufio:
Bonnie Von Clyde as Jessica Rabbit
Kyle Taylor as Gordon Freeman:
Disney Villians Group:
Christian Capuchino (Link)

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