Participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the illustration and comics techniques which are foundations for creating basics of CONCEPT ART. The course demonstrates possibilities of CONCEPT ART aspects and at the same time shows its broad scope and complexity. Treating the subject of the classes in such a comprehensive manner allows all participants to develop their creative and technical skills.

The course will include the following tasks:
1) Preparing the so called SHORT COMICS FORM
2) Realizing a cover illustration – for a book or comics
3) Defining a PRESENTATION BOARD (composition, arrangement, layout, etc.) in the 100×70 cm format which should include elements of matte painting, transformations of the main concept, inspirations and typographic and information design.
4) STORYBOARD – analogies and differences between comics and other forms of illustration. Elements of film and game preproduction. Creating several storyboards addressed to a chosen group realising a film or a game.
5). FACIAL EXPRESSION – creating three different versions of portraits of participant’s own face – the work needs to be absolutely identifiable with the portrait subject.

The task is divided into three parts:
1. Taking three photographic portraits of one’s face showing three different facial expressions.
2. Drawing the face of one’s favourite animal corresponding to the photographs – the facial expressions in the drawings should match the ones in the portraits. .
3. Designing three logotypes, graphic symbols corresponding to the animal drawings. This is a typically design task, closely related to glyph

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