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Cortney Page is Filming “ Marilyn Monroe’s Letters ” is in Production

Cortney Page is Filming  “ Marilyn Monroes Letters ” is in Production

By: Marsha White

Cortney Page was seen filming her television show at El Cholo in Santa Monica with guest star; artist; Christina Workman for the “ Marilyn Monroes Letters ” television series on (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Spirit Channel, Wednesdays, between 10:30pm-11pm-EST on Wednesday, November 3rd. The television and streamed series will launch next year on January 4th.

Marilyn Monroes Letters
Marilyn Monroes Letters

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Marilyn Monroe’s Letters commercial.

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Cortney Page was dressed in Anne Klein tan ultra-suede pants and a rabbit fur collared suede sweater carrying her vintage Kate Spade gold colored handbag.  Christina said that Cortney looks like an iconic moviestar. ‘The famous of the fame.’

The “Marilyn Monroe’s Letters” series is about Cortney Page moving to the mountains and needs to find a way to make money.  Christina suggested being a webcam model as Cortney Page, but Cortney says that the name is taken a few times, so Glossy Vail was the name they came up with together.  This is just for the pilot, because it is a spiritual show.

Cortney is concerned with her age playing Marilyn Monroe on film, but Christina talks her into of it saying the Queen of England is the same age as the late Norma Jeane.

Cortney has been on

For singing telegrams and appearances, since 2012, and is now determined to be more proactive with future L.A. bookings.  Cortney will be filming “Marilyn Monroe’s Letters” in the Los Angeles area, but the show’s set is mainly in Lake Arrowhead, California, which is a two hours’ drive east of Hollywood, California.

Cortney Page has to earn a living and her friends and guest stars suggest webcam modeling to selling merchandise on her website to working as a medium.  Cortney talks to Marilyn Monroe in a crystal ball and the mirror, as if she is mentally ill.  Marilyn Monroe tells Cortney Page to write letters on her behalf to connect as a channel. has a ‘Marilyn’s Letter’ page too.  Cortney Page started Celebrity Look Alike Tradition on Hollywood Blvd with her cousin, Kurt Fenstad.


Cortney Page played to ‘Voice of Marilyn Monroe’s Letter” in the 1993 cult classic, “Calendar Girl” movie.  She released an album on March 31, 2022 called, “The Voice of Marilyn” on youtube and Spotify, Apple and iTunes of a 19 song collection of mostly pop tunes, but very different genres on the album.  “Happy Hearts” written for Bill Gates.  “Rumors” written for Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and “Hallow Follow” for bass player, Jerry Montano of the Heavy Metal band; “Danzig.” “Grifter Zone” written for Brad Pitt using the term ‘grafter,’ being a Marijuana grower used by the leading man on T.V.  Cortney’s music will be in “Marilyn Monroe’s Letters” thirty-minute scripted reality series that will be coming to her RokuTV channel in 2024 for a fee.

Cortney Page has also written her grudge life story as a rising singer that get amnesia in Seattle and returns to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, but ends up choosing a wholesome lifestyle instead of superstardom as Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Bill Gates and Brad Pitt, who have played a role in Cortney Page’s life. Cortney is a struggling artist that catches the Green River Killer, which caused her amnesia. It takes 20 years to get over amnesia and been over 30 years for Cortney Page to piece her memories together in her movie script, “The Gates to Nirvana’s Pit.”

Cortney has allotted to be thankful for.  She was in a serious car accident in July of 2022.  She couldn’t wear heels for some months, due to leg pain she suffered from her back injury.  Regardless of her disability, she keeps ‘a stiff upper lip’ and plugs along in this life as an actress without complaining.

I make allot of people happy. Most Buddhists’ believe I am her. I believe I am her, the reincarnation of Norma Jeane, better known as Marilyn Monroe. The television series is primetime slot on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 3 on your New York T.V. set or the streamed on the Spirit Channel at,” Cortney giggles as Marilyn, “so my plan is to win an Emmy for Marilyn, an Oscar for my writing a historical screenplay and continue to entertain you along the way.”

About Cortney Page

Cortney Page is pictured with Jason Priestley, where they starred together in the “Calendar Girl” film.  Cortney went on a double date with Jason Priestley and Brad Pitt in 1987, but didn’t remember their encounter from amnesia, until 27 years later, when Jason Priestley released his autobiography book and Cortney put her fractured memories together.


Cortney Page did an Mtv episode in the early 90s on “The Pauly Shore Show.” Cortney shows up at Pauly’s home, who is on house arrested.  It rained the day of filming, but it was a highlight and fun to be in Pauly’s home in the West Hollywood Hills.

Marilyn Monroes Letters

Picture of Axl Rose and Billy Idol



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Ms. Page is photographed with Axl Rose and Billy Idol at the After Party on their ‘Illusions Tour’ in 1992.  Billy Idol and Cortney Page sat by each other in a ‘Batman’ movie, but they only met at the Guns-n-Roses/Metallica After Party at the Rose Bowl and briefly had a conversation about both being blonde. Cortney, still having amnesia, took her photos, but she can only remember, Axl’s doctor calling her at the Record Plant and thanking her for calling an ambulance for Axl Rose and saving him from a heroin overdose in the late 80s.

Marilyn Monroes Letters

Cortney Page was at the Nirvana Concert at the Moore Theater in 1990.  The crowd is calling out her name.  Cortney Page wrote about her last moment’s with Kurt Cobain, before his suicide in her screenplay, “The Gates to Nirvana’s Pit.” She does have pictures of Kurt Cobain, baby, Francis Bean and Courtney Love, but Cortney is not in the photographs and they were given to her by her cousin, Kurt Fenstad, who said they came from the same drug dealer.  Was Cortney Page, a drug dealer, and not remember?

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