Saturday , May 18 2024

[Cosplay Video] Gotham Sirens (Catwoman, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn)

// Batman and all its characters belongs to Bob Kane, Bill Finger and DC Comics //

CMV (Cosplay Music Video) based on The Pierces’ music video “Boring”, with Batman female characters Catwoman, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn (Gotham City Sirens).

Producer : Velvet Neko
Co-producer : EMC Cosplay
Framing : Mitsuyo Akuma
Screenplay : Velvet Neko & EMC Cosplay
Director : Velvet Neko & Mitsuyo Akuma
Editor & Post production : Velvet Neko

With :

Catwoman : Velvet Neko
Poison Ivy : EMC Cosplay (Ivy)
Harley Quinn : Liarina Cosplay
The Riddler : Alexandre Pailles
Two-Face : Cedric Volpato
Batman : EMC Cosplay (Jeff)
The Joker : Raphaël Waeselynck

And :
Caroline Ranza :
Chat Cosplay :
Loïc Ambrosini (CraZyBaLL) :
Michael Dominguez :
Guillaume P / Jad’den Korr – Cosplayer Multi-Rôles :
Logan Howlett

“Catsuit by Danny Elfmann
“Boring” by The Pierces
“Bad Girl” by Girl loves shoes


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