Cosplayer Reviews Manga|Corpse party #1

Corpse Party was all the rage back in 2014 thanks to Pewdiepie playing the game series of Blood Drive that pushed the well loved anime and manga out into the world beyond the ‘weebs’!

Today, Dragon who is cosplaying as Ayumi from the series will be doing a full review and breakdown of the manga Corpse Party was based off by going through each book in the series! This video is the 1st book out of 5!

If you like blood, gore and everything else this horror-fest has to offer, then you will love this review which includes several scenes and pieces that weren’t shown in the anime or games that you can only see through the mangas!

Music used:
.Corpse Party Sound Collection vol.2
In order-
. Chapter 1 Opening
. Solitude of frenzy
. Mind of frenzy
. Light to despair
. Sound of grief VerA

Intro anime clips (In order):
. Howls Moving Castle
. Violet Evergreen
. Yuri On Ice
. A Silent Voice
. Your Lie In April
. Kakegurui
All other clips:
. Corpse Party Anime (Tortured Souls)


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