DC Bombshells Cosplay Music Video

The 86th Floor DC Bombshells Cosplay Music Video ♪✧

★Cos we’re Bombshells, and we’ll have our way~!
We’re so excited to share our Bombshells video with you all! We love everything about DC’s Bombshell universe, and it’s featured ladies, so this was such a fun project to create. We were incredibly lucky to work alongside such an amazing [and gorgeous] cast, we really hope you enjoy it!❤

★ Batgirl – www.instagram.com/twistedsisterscosplay
★ Black Canary – www.instagram.com/hildaglitz
★ BumbleBee – www.instagram.com/gatheringstormcosplay
★ Catwoman – www.instagram.com/jessienoochiescosplay
★ Cheetah – www.instagram.com/rookulacosplay
★ Hawkgirl – www.instagram.com/twistedsisterscosplay
★ Lois Lane – www.instagram.com/tealeath
★ Raven – www.instagram.com/magicpantscosplay
★ Starfire – www.instagram.com/rhilentless
★ Supergirl – www.instagram.com/_meghanframpton_
★ The Flash – www.instagram.com/nookills
★ Wonder Woman – www.instagram.com/imijean
★ Zatanna – www.instagram.com/_kyashi

◍ Production Team
Videography/Editing ★ Oisin Carr
Videography ★ Jessica Skidmore
Videography ★ Miranda Evans
Editing ★ Imogen Wood
Photography & Graphic Design ★ Emi Mann

Special thanks to FeelUnique who provided all the makeup for this shoot and Grand Palace Studios for providing the studio and backdrops

♪ The song is Shibuya Sunrise’s original track “Bombshells” which is available on Spotify here:

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