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DC Comics Premium Format Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles

DC Comics Premium Format Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles

The Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles is another Beautiful Masterpiece by designers at Sideshow.


Born Kara Zor-El on the doomed planet Krypton, Superman’s long-lost cousin shares his iconic ‘S’ emblem and all of his phenomenal superpowers. Still searching to find her identity on our home planet, the Girl of Steel takes flight in a 24″ tall gravity defying composition high above Earth’s atmosphere, with her perfectly tailored cape billowing out behind her.

Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles   Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles

Supergirl Statue Sideshow Collectibles

Simply radiating with a dazzling smile, she’s equally ready to light up the room or humanity’s most dangerous enemies. A must-have for DC Comics or Superman fans, Sideshow’s Premium Format statue will take your collection to heaven and back ….

Product Size: 60 x 23 x 25 cm

In the realm of collectibles, where artistry meets fandom, one name stands out like a beacon of superheroic excellence: Sideshow Collectibles. Known for their unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, Sideshow has once again captured the essence of a beloved character with their latest masterpiece – the Supergirl Statue. As if descended from the heavens themselves, this stunning portrayal of DC Comics’ iconic heroine exudes power and grace in equal measure. From her flowing cape to her determined expression, every inch of this statue is a testament to the unwavering spirit of Krypton’s last daughter.

Standing tall and proud, Supergirl’s sculpted form seems almost lifelike, as though she could leap off her base at any moment and take flight into the unknown. The intricate design work on her costume showcases Sideshow’s commitment to authenticity, while subtle nuances in her posture hint at a deeper narrative waiting to be uncovered. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply an admirer of fine artistry, the Supergirl Statue by Sideshow Collectibles is sure to captivate all who behold it with its undeniable presence and magnetic allure.

The Supergirl Statue by Sideshow Collectibles is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the beloved superheroine. Standing at an impressive 22 inches tall, this statue exudes power and grace with its dynamic pose and intricately sculpted details. The flowing cape, determined expression, and vibrant colors bring Supergirl to life in stunning detail.

One of the standout features of this statue is the attention to detail in Supergirl’s costume, from the intricate textures of her suit to the iconic ‘S’ symbol on her chest. Each element is meticulously crafted to showcase the character’s strength and femininity. Sideshow Collectibles has truly outdone themselves with this collectible, offering fans a chance to own a piece of DC Comics history that will stand out in any collection.

Whether you’re a fan of Superman’s cousin or simply appreciate high-quality collectibles, the Supergirl Statue by Sideshow Collectibles is a must-have for any serious collector. This statue not only pays tribute to one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters but also serves as a stunning work of art that will elevate any display space. With its impeccable craftsmanship and vibrant design, this statue is sure to become a cherished centerpiece in any collection.

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