Disney’s Hercules Remake Is Already Being Fan Cast with Some Inspired Choices

Cheers erupted across the internet yesterday, as it was confirmed that Disney’s next live-action remake will be none other than the mythical Greek superhero Hercules. Well, it did not take long for excited fans to take to social media and let the world know who they would like cast in these cherished roles.

With Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo aka The Russo Brothers on board as producers, fans have understandably looked towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe for casting inspiration, with one fan saying that if Thor: Ragnorak star and walking bicep Chris Hemsworth is not cast as the titular Hercules then “…what’s the point?”.

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Another Hercules fan has cast the net even wider within the MCU, casting all the main roles with Marvel alumni, pegging Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson as Meg, Captain America himself Chris Evans as Hercules and has even gone one further and thrown Tom Hiddleston into the mix, presumably as the wise-cracking Hades.

One global superstar that has expressed interest in taking part in the project is Ariana Grande, who has even performed songs from the classic Disney animated movie in order to strengthen her chances. As if her case was not solid enough, one of the stars of a prior Disney live-action remake, Josh Gad, has expressed his approval of Grande playing female lead, Meg.

Gad’s feelings however are not shared by this vocal Hercules fan.

The most prominent fan-casting though has been a flurry of potential actresses and singers to play the Muses. A number of names have been suggested, with Glee actress Amber Riley being the most notable and most mentioned.

Fans also seem to be looking to the 1990’s and early 2000’s for inspiration, as there have been several mentions of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, who of course were both members of Destiny’s Child, as well as fans throwing the singer Brandy into the mix.

Hercules fans certainly seem to be rather unified in what they want to see from this live-action remake.

Ultimately it does not really matter who they cast in these roles so long as they bring back Danny DeVito for the role of crotchety old Satyr Phil, who takes Hercules under his wing and provides him the montages necessary to go from hero to zero. Frankly, if Disney don’t bring DeVito back, there could well be riots.

The Russo brothers are set to produce Hercules and will be working from a script by Dave Callaham. There is also no word currently on whether or not this will be developed as a Disney theatrical release or for Disney+, but based on the response so far, it is likely to be the former. The original confirmation regarding the remake came from The Hollywood Reporter.

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