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DIY Star Wars Datapad Prop Build | Rebel | Batuu Inspired!

Mandalorian Datapad Accessory

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I do love those Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Datapads, so this week we build the ultimate in Star Wars datapad technology ‘tested’ by our favorite Smuggler Brian, from the Smuggler’s room! This could be an acessory for those Mandalorian cosplays or your Rebel look… I wanted a practical prop that would charge my mobile phone wirelessly whilst providing a handy Tablet display stand so I can view my reference images at just the right angle!

We tried out our new desktop laser cutter and we created this build of out layered EVA foam from our wonderful supplier and sponsor Tygessupplies.

Episode 4 in a series of regular episodes from The Rebel Base Build!

I used Flexi Paint, Contact Cement, Acrylics, and HD foam from the amazing Tyges Supplies.
Thank you guys who are sponsoring!

USB splitter:

Desktop Laser Cutter:

We’re building a room-scale Star Wars Rebel Base! We will be building and merging different set pieces with themes from all over the Star Wars universe including a Millenium Falcon style seating area, Lightsaber workbench, home cinema droid projector, and a whole load of Star Wars prop builds for your greebly pleasure…

Thank you to @thesmugglersroom for inspiration and support and for an awesome cameo at the end of our show!

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