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12 FREE Paid Alternatives Netflix you should check out

12 FREE Paid Alternatives Netflix you should check out

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Ah, I love Netflix. The company has changed the way we watch movies online today. With high quality, on  demand content available to anyone who has the funds and internet access to be able to connect to their platform. They have made content that was widely inaccessible to many people due to their extremely busy 9-5 lives easily accessible, In fact Netflix have made themselves so unique and iconic that many really successful platforms have been defined in terms of Netflix (One example is Scribd which is called the Netflix of books).

Despite the obvious quality of their services, Netflix have always pushed the boundaries on what they thought consumers might be willing to pay. With a history of price increases, it is a surprise how Netflix has been able to grow their customer base by about over 5% in each of the last quarters of year.

Netflix have explained their policy on price by saying the price is increased as new and better content are added onto the site. That certainly begets the question of when consumers are bound to be tired of these constant hikes. Some of them already are, and for those of you who are tired of that, it may be worth it to try other platforms.

Here are my picks for 12 Free Paid Alternatives Netflix to watch movies online. Click on Banners to teleport to site.


Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Amazon prime video. ($2.99 per month for first 6 months and 5.99 regular price)


Amazon prime video

Topping our list at number one for premium alternatives to Netflix is Amazon Prime Video. This amazing site allows you to enjoy the first six months at a price of $2.99 per month followed by the usual subscription rate of $5.99 per month. Amazon Prime is fully optimized for mobile and allows you watch movies on the go on your mobile, tablet and if need be on some select smart TVs.

Additionally, it allows you save titles for offline views. This can only be done via the app which is available on iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Android devices. Additionally, Amazon makes it’s Twitch.tv (which is the world’s largest social video platform for gamers) available free of charge. I think this one rightly takes our number one spot for Netflix alternatives.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix  – Acorn TV . ($4.99 per month and 7 days free trial)

Acorn TV

If you are a fan of British movies and television, then you have to check out Acorn TV. Although the recently launched BritBox makes its case, Acorn TV takes the cake for its superior pricing as well as its vast amount of content running into thousands of hours (1800 hours  to be exact). It is available on web, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, mobile, Roku, Samsung Smart TV. Additionally this British platform also gives viewers access to movies from New Zealand, Australia and even the US (very limited though). With categories spanning Drama, Mystery and documentaries, this platform makes for an exciting watch and a great customer experience.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Hulu. ($5.99 per month with 1 month free trial)


My personal favorite (Though I haven’t even used it, don’t judge, I think it’s awesome), Hulu offers you the very best programming at a pricing that you can’t refuse. The platform also offers unique originals that include the Emmy award winning The Handmaid’s Tale as well as content from Cinemax, HBO and Showtime via dedicated plugins that gives you the best programming from all those platforms directly via your Hulu account. Hulu allows you to opt in, switch and cancel any plan at any time. It also has no advertisements for its basic subscription services and allows streaming from all your favorite devices as well. It is available on Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, Chrome-cast and many other platforms, offering it a much needed versatility.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – CBS Access. ($5.99 per month with 1 week free trial)

cbs acess

With over 9000+ episodes of various series as well as all CBS originals accessible on this platform, CBS Access makes it’s foray into the world of online digital content.  It allows you to stream on any device anywhere and at any time. Their content isn’t limited to prerecorded content alone as they allow you access to a ton of live TV programming. Some really prominent CBS programs you probably need to keep an eye out for are Star Trek Discoveries and The Good Fight.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Crave TV. ($7.99 per month with 1 month trial)

crave tv

Crave TV is an excellent option for anyone who need an alternative to Netflix. The platform offers a host of really amazing programming at the price of $7.99 per month. There is no other plan and $7.99 gets you the very best that Crave TV can offer. Originally meant for just Canadian audiences, this platform is now accessed by people from every corner of the globe. With over 10,000 hours worth of content, this streaming outfit allows you to join millions of other satisfied customers who are already using the service.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Fandor. ($9.99 a month)


OK, this company is run by the one and only Jared Leto and I have got to admit it is a pretty solid site. Giving you access to thousands of hours of free movies online, this platform presents enticing options that should be duly utilized. Though its one single tier is more expensive than Netflix’s basic offer, it is a pretty good investment as their prices have been solid over the last few years and by paying for a whole year’s worth of content you end up saving up to 25% in costs. So Fandor rightly closes our list of premium alternatives to Netflix.


Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – YouTube Free


OK, With Despacito about to clock a “gajillion” views (No, that is not a real number), there is little wonder why YouTube tops our list for free and legal ways to watch videos online. What many people do not know is that YouTube is also a great platform to watch movies online for free. With thousands of movies being uploaded for free on YouTube, it is the number one place you should check out. YouTube have also recently created a service called YouTube Red, which gives you access to YouTube original content that can be found nowhere else but on YouTube. Awesome right?

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Pluto TV

If you love YouTube, you are going to love Pluto TV. This internet based TV platform allows you access to thousands of shows and movies online. It doesn’t stop there, it gives you access to news, documentaries, sports and kids shows via its various dedicated channels, all at $0.00! Classics like Heathcliff and Popeye as well as modern shows like Star Trek Phase 2 all make for a delightful viewing on this online platform. The only con here is that you do not get to choose when to watch these shows as they are shown on a timetable that you have to catch.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Tubi.tv

tubi tv

Tubi TV is one of those online companies that seem too good to be true. With over 7,000 titles, this free platform gives some paid platforms a run for their money. Tubi TV is accessible on Android devices, iOS, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Xbox 1 and Samsung Smart TV. With some prominent titles like Death Race 2000 being easily accessible on the site. It provides service that is really good for a free movie site. Their search bar is pretty advanced as well as it allows you to search for a movie by its title or by specific keywords that were used in the movie, that is cool in my book.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – PopCornflix


OK, unlike the name suggests, Popcornflix is not just a site for popcorn movies that are generic and without content value, but is also the home of hundreds of really impressive and acclaimed productions that you might love to watch. So if you are looking for a great place to watch movies online, Try Popcornflix. Did I mention it was free? Yes, Popcornflix does what Netflix does just free (I think I crossed a line there)

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Viewster


OK, I admit that I was a bit taken aback when I saw this, it was not as conventional as I expected it to be. A lot of its movie content consisted of movies you probably have never heard of, but the service was superb and the movies and series ran into thousands of hours and yet were of great value. Being free, I think it is a great choice if you want to consider exploring movie frontiers you are not familiar with.

Free Paid Alternatives Netflix – Yidio.


Yidio is a complex oddity, unlike most sites on this list, it doesn’t give you direct access to most of the movies but rather gives you links to those sites where you can watch those movies online free. This takes a load off the platform as they have managed to distribute the burden of content to other free sites. Yidio offers you access to limitless access to movies online on various legal outlets and is a great choice if you don’t mind doing some digging before you find your movie of choice.


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