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Swamps of Corsus From the Ashes – DLC Releases on April 28th for PC

Swamps of Corsus From the Ashes – DLC Releases on April 28th for PC

Swamps of Corsus From the Ashes – DLC Releases on April 28th for PC – The paid DLC introduces an upgraded version of Swamps of Corsus and Survival Mode.


Swamps of Corsus From the Ashes – DLC Releases on April 28th for PC

Gunfire Games’ Remnant: From the Ashes is getting some surprise DLC on April 28th. Swamps of Corsus will be coming to PC first and then Xbox One and PS4 after. It revamps the world of Corsus heavily while also introducing a new rogue-like Survival Mode. Check out the trailer below.

Some of the new content added to Swamps of Corsus includes four side dungeons, new bosses and enemies, and three new weapons and mods. Survival Mode is arguably the bigger appeal though – it starts players off with nothing but some scrap and a pistol. You’ll travel through random worlds and fight off against enemies, scrounging better armor and weapons as you go.

Facing tough enemies is one thing but if you die, then the run is over and you must start from the beginning. Survival Mode does offer a unique new armor set and more than 50 new armor skins to unlock though so it might be worth looking into. Swamps of Corsus retails for $9.99 – stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Remnant: From the Ashes takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth that has been decimated and overrun by an interdimensional evil called the Root. The player is a wandering survivor of the apocalypse driven to put an end to the Root by traveling to a tower on an island that appears to be the epicenter of the invasion. Early in their journey they are brought to Ward 13, an underground bunker where human survivors live. The player is tasked with finding Ward 13’s founder Ford, and explores the devastated Earth city before finding a portal to an interdimensional rift known as the Labyrinth, allowing them to travel between worlds in search of Ford.

The player first travels to Rhom, the deserted remains of a once great civilization that destroyed its world to save itself from the Root. They unlock a monolithic tower in which the former ruler of Rhom, the Undying King, tasks the player with traveling to the swamp planet of Corsus to kill its Guardian – a being that protects the planet from invasive forces such as the Root – and bring him its heart in exchange for pointing the player in Ford’s direction. On Corsus, the player kills the Guardian and is given the choice of delivering the heart to the King, or giving it to the Iskal Queen, the former ruler of the insectoid people of Corsus. If the player chooses the latter, they are forced to kill the King before proceeding.

The player then travels to the forest world of Yaesha, where they encounter a civil war between its inhabitants and befriend a group of rebels. After some exploration, they find Ford imprisoned and free him. In exchange, Ford gives the player a key to activate a portal deep within Ward 13 that allows them to travel to the tower, which was formerly the humans’ Ward 17.

In Ward 13, the player can find information revealing that the Root were brought to Earth due to a failed series of experiments using the human subconscious as gateways to other worlds; the Root themselves are linked to one of their subjects, known as Dreamers. The player travels to Ward 17 through the portal and encounters the Dreamer, who they battle and defeat within his own subconscious. The Dreamer transforms into a massive Root creature, which the player finally kills, releasing them from the Dreamer’s subconscious and killing the Root at their source once and for all.

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