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Fun escape room ideas for kids, family and adults for parties and holidays !

Fun escape room ideas for kids, family and adults for parties and holidays !

Escape Room ideas – Are your kids tired of the same old, same old activities at children’s’ birthday parties and holidays? Are you tired of looking for fresh new ideas to perk up family outings and get-togethers with other adults?

Fun escape room ideas for kids, family and adults for parties and holidays !
Fun escape room ideas for kids, family and adults for parties and holidays !

Do you need a fun and creative way to help students master their schoolwork? No problem! The wizards at Lock Paper Scissors will help you develop fun DIY escape room kits! That will make your parties legendary!

No, you don’t need 2 tons of sand, 250 rolls of medical bandages, or creepy smoke machines hidden behind a coffin (if you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, see our explanation). You only need a little imagination, a few hours, and a pair of scissors to create awesome escape room ideas!

First, brainstorm some fun escape room ideas. We will start you off with a few:

A thief stole the secret ingredient to your chili sauce the day of the competition! You have an hour to find it before you lose out on the big prize.Mummies stole your kid’s iPad! You have to find it before the meltdown begins (much better if you actually steal their tablet before the game!)

The coordinates for your return trip from space were erased from the computer. You have to find them before your spaceship burns up on reentry!You can have any number of escape room ideas. Running in the zoo from escaped animals in the middle of the night, trying to find the secret exit from the zoo. Escaping zombies hungry for your brains. Running from zombies using zoo animals to hunt you down.

Now that you have an idea, you have to craft the story to add life (here is where you get to play Hemingway or Spielberg). The story carries your players from puzzle to puzzle logically, helping them gain the insights they need to crack the puzzles. Players also want to believe their skills are solving the puzzle. Otherwise, they reach frustration levels not seen since someone suggested adults play a game of 52 pickup!

Where was the secret ingredient taken? How do you get from where you are to the ingredient? Most of the time, activities take place in one room but don’t limit yourself. You can teleport your players anywhere at any time! Even transport them back in time. Send your players to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the moon landing, or the latest Jimmy Buffet concert!

Be creative. The point is to set up challenging but solvable puzzles. You will need to make them harder to decipher than most of your internet passwords but something less than rocket science.You might feel like this is a lot of work. Go with the feeling. We have yet to discuss designing the puzzles and testing the game. However, if, like us, you love designing games, check out the guide to designing bang-up DIY escape games.

Fun escape room ideas for kids, family and adults for parties and holidays !

Escape rooms serve as excellent learning tools for kids. Try an Egyptian pyramid-themed escape room to help them master ancient history. Make them find the solutions to science problems to keep the lab from blowing up.Limitless possibilities exist to help your kids eagerly tackle academic problems they usually loathe. They may even learn to love the subjects they previously hated!

Here at Lock Paper Scissors, we get it. You have other things consuming your time. Work, ball games, and the latest Netflix release all fight for your time.That’s why they did the work for you! They designed the downloadable, printable escape room puzzles. Tested them. They even tried them out on their family! They loved it! Trust us!

They have several different games to choose from. First, the Envy Escape Room Kit. Transport yourself back to the Roaring Twenties and find out who committed the murder! Your children will get lost in the Lost Mummy escape room! Help them learn ancient history while finding the lost tomb beyond Tutankhamen’s chambers.

Want a game for younger ones? Try the Escape Quest! You 8-10-year-olds will love solving the clues and successfully escaping! And you’ll love watching them win! The zombies are coming! And they want your pizza! Can you save the last pizza on the island from the zombie hoard? Try Escape Room Z to find out!

Can you save the world from certain destruction? Find out whether you have what it takes to be a super spy by solving the clues to beat Rebel Revolt! Have your 10-12-year-olds find the memories of past holidays and fairies and the body of the noble Wisp! Frost will have them entranced while they solve all the puzzles.

Grab one of these excellent printable escape room puzzles. today!





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