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GOTG Director Describes Alternate VOL. 2 Scene With Rocket Raccoon Dropping Multiple F-Bombs

James Gunn continues to share new details from his time working on the Guardians of the Galaxy movies via Twitter, and this latest tidbit spotlights what sounds like a hilarious moment that never would have made it into the theatrical cut of Vol. 2 in a million years.

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Gunn debunked a rumor about Star-Lord having his dialogue re-dubbed to remove an F-bomb during the now legendary “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all” scene, but revealed that he did have footage of Rocket Raccoon unleashing a series of “[frick]s” after he and Groot bid farewell to Yondu.

“I do have footage of Rocket flying away with Baby Groot, after saying, “He said welcome to the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy… only he didn’t say ‘frickin’.” And then as he flies away he turns to Baby Groot, irritated, and says – “We’re gonna have to have a serious talk about your language! ‘[frick] this, [frick] that,’ everything’s ‘[frick] [frick] [frick]’ all the time!”

Gunn says he even animated the sequence in post viz, but it was obviously never intended to be seen in any version of the movie. Marvel have been known to push the boundaries of the PG-13 rating from time to time (see the link above), but the mighty F-bomb would probably be a step too far for the Disney-owned studio.

Still, this does sound like an awesome alternate take on the scene, and we hope Gunn decides to share it with us someday. 

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