Harley Quinn Season 1 Episode 12 – What Did You Think?!

Harley Quinn Season 1 Episode 12 – What Did You Think?!

Poor Harley Quinn. Her dream of becoming a Legion of Doom-worthy villain have been fulfilled, but it may have been an elaborate scheme by her deadliest enemy.  DC Universe has released Harley Quinn Season 1 episode 12, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

After failing to stop Scarecrow from using his Poison Ivy-enhanced fear toxin on Gotham City, Harley and crew almost got a one-way ticket to the Phantom Zone courtesy of the “Jerk-off League.” That’s some seriously extra-judicial BS on the League’s part. On a more serious show, someone would compare that to the Justice Lords’ behavior. Regardless, the Justice League was banished by the Queen of Fables, who teamed up with Joker to wreck havoc.

However, Ivy’s boyfriend, Kite-Man (Hell yeah!), managed to save Harley and her gang from the Queen’s giant. Additionally, Ivy figured out that she could use Scarecrow’s toxin to become monster-sized and take out the killer plants. Unfortunately, that also gave Joker a bigger target. From the safety of his hideout, Joker fatally injured Ivy before she seemingly died in Harley’s arms. Now, that’s a pre-season finale cliffhanger!

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