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How I Finally Got Good at Drawing the Face – 3 Tips that took me out of Beginner Hell

Big credit goes to the illustrator Chyan as I first encountered the box and turnarounds method through his course (which was one of the resources I used to study in those 2 months).
As I’m showing you the actual practice and studies I did during those 2 months, some of the study sketches were from there, among other resources and my own experimentation.
I eventually developed my own way to apply the method to suit me and my style, and what I’m sharing in this video is that + the best stuff I learned. But Chyan’s teaching really helped form the foundation for it, so big shoutout to him!

Chyan’s course –
Chyan’s Twitter –

Also sorry for the blurred part at the end, some of the studies I was showing was from a resource that doesn’t allow people to show their studies of it, so I edited it out.

⚠️Warning: These are anatomy-related so they portray nude figures.
Anatomy360 –
Anatomy for Sculptors

How To Draw Hair – 5 Tips That Will CHANGE Everything:
“I’m Bad at Drawing Anatomy & Poses… What Should I Do?”:

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On this channel I share tips and tutorials for anyone into or wants to learn how to draw.
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BGM by しゃろう
Different-colors cube by HristiyanIsMyName on Sketchfab

00:00 Intro
01:25 Tip #1: The Box Method
05:48 Tip #2: Head Turnarounds
08:14 Tip #3: Anatomy Studies
10:34 What about 3D?

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