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How to Draw Cartoon Cat from CreepyPasta

How to Draw Cartoon Cat from CreepyPasta

How to Draw Cartoon Cat from CreepyPasta

How to Draw Cartoon Cat from CreepyPasta

Drawing the creepy Cartoon Cat from CreepyPasta. Trevor Henderson and Billy Styler.

First part of this video is the pencil sketch, then a step by step drawing tutorial with a sharpie so you can draw it too.

The term “creepypasta” refers to urban legends dealing with horror that have been passed across the internet. Since then, the phrase “creepypasta” has evolved into a generic descriptor for any form of horror content that can be found on the internet. These entries on the internet are typically quick, user-generated tales of the supernatural that are intended to terrify readers.

They contain macabre tales of murder, suicide, and supernatural happenings, among other things. The content of creepypasta can cover a wide range of topics and may contain things like spectres, murder, zombies, and even haunting versions of television series and video games. The length of a creepypasta can range from a single paragraph to an extensive, multi-part series that can span a variety of different genres of media.

After the “Slender Man stabbing” in 2014, creepypastas relating to the fictional character Slender Man came to the public’s attention. In this incident, a 12-year-old girl was stabbed by two of her friends; the perpetrators claimed they “wanted to prove the Slender Man sceptics wrong.”

In the mainstream media, this event brought creepypastas to the public’s attention. Following the failed effort to kill the author, the administrators of the creepypasta website released remarks that reminded readers of the “border between fiction and reality.”

Other well-known examples of creepypasta include “Ben Drowned,” “Jeff the Killer,” “Ted the Caver,” and “Sonic.exe,” amongst others.

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