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How To Draw Complex Zentangle Art Design For Beginners, Easy Tutorial Doodle Drawing Step By Step

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So here is another Step by step speed tutorial ( Doodle Drawing ) I got inspired by the design and thought why not a tutorial. its called Zentangle Art too. I tried my best in drawing it & put my best skills in editing it for you guys to make it look easy. so it is very easy for beginners to draw this complex mandala / Zentangle art by just following the steps as shown in this video.

Well this Design looks a little impossible to draw but taking it in different portions it is easy. In this Doodle design I did the basic outline with a compass with a black marker straight away because of this trick I was able to do the blueprint of the design in a very short time & everything what i did with that was a part of the final design & not a rough thing.

What I did is I picked the design in diff portions. N covered those portions one by one. In this video I will b showing first which portion I am taking first and then finishing it we will head on to the next portion.

The softwares that i used for this video editing.
Video Start i used Windows Live Movie Maker
My channel new intro i used Blender2.74
and for my video outro card i used Sony Vegas Pro13

Windows Live Movie Maker is free and already installed in Windows System
Blender2.74 for your intro is available for free you can this software from and get the latest version available for your system whether it is for Mac or for windows.
Sony Vegas Pro13 is paid software. You can purchase it if you are willing to spend a little to get a good video editing software.

I am not a professional artist do this whenever I am free and want to, so whatever I do I have learned it by trying & noticing other artists.

Showing full design in normal mode would make this video of about 2 hours and boring for you guys to watch it. My attempt was to cut the movie in such a way so that you guys can learn & don’t have to wait too long for the doodle to get finished, so use Play/Pause button accordingly.

I made this Doodle on a drawing sheet (12” x 10”) with just two black markers. (One for thick lines the other for sharp lines) you can choose the color that you want to use in it, to make it even more colorful & interesting.

If still few people think that video is a bit long, I will try my best in my next video to cover up my bad points for sure. But in this case the design was so complex I couldn’t cut it short more than this else it would have been impossible for you to understand how each circle is been done one by one.
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Happy Doodling 🙂

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