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How to Draw Godspeed The Flash DC Rebirth Comic Version Easy Tutorial

How to Draw Godspeed The Flash DC Rebirth Comic Version Easy Tutorial

How to Draw Godspeed The Flash DC Rebirth Comic Version Easy Tutorial

How to Draw Godspeed
How to Draw Godspeed

Are you a fan of the hit show “The Flash” and its thrilling speedster villains? One character that has captured the imagination of viewers is Godspeed, with his lightning-fast speed and unique costume design. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw this electrifying villain, look no further than! In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of drawing Godspeed, from sketching out his dynamic pose to adding intricate details that make him truly stand out.

To begin your artwork, start by lightly sketching the basic shape of Godspeed’s body. Pay close attention to his signature lightning bolt symbol on his chest and arms. Once you have the basic outline in place, it’s time to add more definition and detail.


August Heart is Barry Allen’s detective partner and the sole witness to his accident that transformed him into the Flash. While pursuing the criminal organization known as the Black Hole, August is struck by lightning during a Speed Force storm in Central City. This event leads him to become the Flash’s covert “partner” but also transforms him into the merciless vigilante named “Godspeed”. Seeking retribution for his brother’s death, August takes matters into his own hands and exacts revenge on the person he believes to be responsible. Godspeed, whose true identity is August Heart, is a fictional character featured in DC Comics. Initially portrayed as a detective and one of Barry Allen’s closest allies in law enforcement, Heart’s quest for vengeance intensifies after his brother’s murder and he ultimately acquires superhuman abilities linked to speed.

Kindall Charters portrayed Godspeed and BD Wong provided his voice when he made his first appearance in the media during the fifth season of The Flash in 2019. In this adaptation, Godspeed is depicted as a laboratory intern who utilizes science to grant himself superhuman abilities. He then transforms into a costumed criminal and killer, targeting chemical facilities to enhance his speed. In the sixth season, Godspeed develops drone replicas of himself to aid a specific cause alongside a group he collaborates with. It has been confirmed that Godspeed will make an appearance in the upcoming seventh season.


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