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How to Make Your Own Superhero Comic Book

How to Make Your Own Superhero Comic Book

Reading superhero comic books is very fun, and you might have thought about making one on your own? They are very popular, and the big comic bookmakers have earned a lot from their creations. It does require some skill, creativity, and patience, but if you are determined and interested enough, you can make it too! Let’s look at how you can make your own superhero comic book.

How to Make Your Own Superhero Comic Book

1. Find a theme

First and foremost, you need to find the theme of your comic book. What superhero is the main character, and how will the stories be built up? You also need to plan how long the books should be and what kind of drawing style you want. This is important for the look and feel of your publishing, especially if you are planning to make more than one. Furthermore, you must have a fitting name that represents your books well. The name should not be too long, easy to remember, and free from negative connotations. It can be very difficult to find a name on your own, and many use an online name generator to help. You can find a name generator at

2. Plan the plot

Now it is time to plan the plot and figure out what the stories will be about. Here you can write a better description of the main characters, and what obstacles they will go through. When it comes to superheroes, a classic plot is where everything seems good before disaster struck and the superhero needs to help. The ending is often happy, where the girl or the city is heroically saved by the main character.

3. Make the drawings

When the theme and plot are decided, it is time to make the actual drawings. You can either hire a professional to do it or try it out yourself. If you do this, it is a good idea to look at video tutorials on how to draw superheroes, so that your comic book has the best quality with cool and professional drawings. Another tip is to read a lot of comic books and see how other people draw to both find inspiration, but also figure out where your drawings can be different and unique.

4. Look for a distributor

Now that most of the creative work is done, you are at the place in the process where your comic book is going to get printed. Look for companies that want to print your book for a reasonable price. Many companies offer quantity offers, where it gets a little cheaper the more you print.

5. Promote and sell

Are you ready? It is time to show off your product and try to sell it to other people. A good idea is to start selling from home, and then the internet is your best friend. You could for example sell it on Amazon, Instagram, or your own website. Start by promoting on your own channels, tell your friends and family about it, and then go on to look for more advanced ways of marketing.

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