Japanese pachinko games move online in times of pandemic

Japanese pachinko games move online in times of pandemic

 Japan is famous for producing thousands of various games that appeal to gamers all over the world. Among the Japanese themselves, however, old-school pachinko machines remain one of the most popular.

Because of the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, pachinko, as well as many other entertainments, went online, and now everybody can enjoy it right from their smartphones. We at KamiKajino.com have already explored this new field of pachinko online taking a look at some of the most popular and trustworthy Japanese online casinos https://kamikajino.com/casinos/

Table of content

  1. What is pachinko?
  2. Why is pachinko so popular in Japan?
  3. Pachinko online: is it as good as real pachinko?

 What is pachinko?

 Pachinko games have enjoyed wild success for many years. According to statistics, the Japanese spend more than 300 billion a year on it. But what is so special about pachinko?

Essentially, it is a type of mechanical game similar to pinball machines, but without a flipper. Why is it called pachinko? “Pa” is the sound of spring of the drums being extended, “Chin” is the sound of the ball hitting the guides, and “Ko” is what the Japanese say when the ball hits the hole. The main goal of the game is to collect the largest number of balls, which can be changed for different prizes. There are many exchange offices near each pachinko hall where winners can exchange balls for prizes. (for more information check Japan-Guide.com “Pachinko”)

  Why is pachinko so popular in Japan?

 The hall with pachinko machines is always full of people. However, the game is so simple, not very interesting, and doesn’t allow you to win a big prize, so why the hype?

  • The entertainment aspect

People (especially the so-called salarymen, notorious for overworking) can relax and forget about their problems playing the simple and funny game. The colorful machines attract attention and make people think about them every minute. The most popular reason for playing pachinko is said to be tiredness after work or life problems;

  • The gambling aspect

The truth is, most forms of gambling are prohibited by law in Japan: only some forms of betting on races and national lottery fit in the regulations. However, pachinko parlors developed an intricate system of money exchange that abides by the letter of the law. This way, pachinko has become one of the most easily accessible and socially acceptable forms of gambling in Japan.

Pachinko machines have been around for a very long time, so they have become an integral part of Japanese culture. Absolutely everyone knows about the existence of such games and have played them at least once.

 Pachinko online: is it as good as real pachinko?

 The pachinko parlors are famous for being one of the most crowded, noisy, and stuffy places in every entertainment district, so naturally, they were the first to be closed under the pandemic regulations. This is when the star of online gambling sites began to rise. Currently, online gambling in Japan is not regulated by any laws, so casinos function in the grey zone with their regulations (like foreign licenses, third-party inspections, and so on).

Brands that are oriented at the Japanese market quickly adopted pachinko-styled games and even full online imitations of pachinko. The most popular titles are The Ocean Stories, I Am Pierrot, The Big Festival, and the newest Pachin Girl. However, what are the pros and cons of pachinko online compared with the regular pachinko machines?


 Easy access

Pachinko online can be easily played on PC or smartphone, via online casinos or special sites, that are usually very trustworthy and have a good reputation within the Japanese gambling community.

  • Authentic Japanese experience

Online pachinko games are made by the Japanese for the Japanese and are very Japanese – to the point that they often don’t even have an English interface. No worries, though – the game is easy and intuitive, and the hieroglyphics just look nice


 Cash exchange limitations

What gives pachinko its irresistible charm is the excitement of gambling. However, not all games allow cash exchange, some of them only having a fun mode.

  • No sense of control

While mechanical pachinko and their more difficult counterparts, pachislots, require (or seem to require) some gaming skills and engagement, most of the pachinko online are based on random-number generators and all the gameplay is limited to clicking one button.

This year changed the way people work, communicate, and entertain – limiting our options as well as broadening our horizons. In the nearest future, it is barely possible to visit Japan and go to Akihabara in search of pachinko parlors, but this can’t stop people from experiencing pachinko online. Of course, it is a completely different experience, but still, a great opportunity to keep yourself busy with something interesting.

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