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Kotobukiya Marvel Statues – Instock @ epicheroes Shop UK

Kotobukiya Marvel Statues – Instock @ epicheroes Shop UK

Kotobukiya Marvel Statues
Kotobukiya Marvel Statues

Are you a die-hard Marvel fan looking to add some epic collectibles to your superhero shrine? Look no further than the stunning Kotobukiya Marvel Statues available at epicheroes Shop. These meticulously crafted statues capture the essence of your favorite Marvel characters in breathtaking detail, making them a must-have for any serious collector. Whether you’re drawn to the heroic stance of Captain America, the brooding intensity of Wolverine, or the cosmic power of Thor, there’s a Kotobukiya statue waiting to take pride of place in your collection. #toys #kotobukiya #marvel #statues #shop #uk

If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe and have a passion for collecting high-quality statues, then you won’t want to miss out on the stunning collection of Kotobukiya Statues available at @epicheroes Shop. These expertly crafted statues bring your favorite Marvel characters to life with incredible attention to detail, dynamic poses, and vibrant colors. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Iron Man, Captain America, or Spider-Man, there’s a Kotobukiya statue waiting for you.

What sets the Kotobukiya Marvel Statues apart is their ability to capture the essence of each character in a way that truly resonates with fans. From the powerful stance of Thor holding Mjolnir to the graceful agility of Black Widow in action, these statues offer dynamic representations that any collector would be proud to display. The craftsmanship and artistry behind each piece make them not just collectibles but also compelling works of art that showcase the iconic characters in all their glory.

When it comes to adding depth and excitement to any Marvel collection, Kotobukiya Marvel Statues from @epicheroes Shop are an essential addition. With attention-grabbing designs and exceptional quality, these statues are more than just collectibles—they’re expressions of fandom that elevate any display or personal sanctuary dedicated to celebrating all things Marvel. So whether you’re looking for your next centerpiece or a way to honor your favorite characters in style, look no further than these captivating statues available at @epicheroes Shop.

Kotobukiya 7.3-Inch “Marvel Avengers Now Artfx Series Haweye” Statue

  • Hawkeye stands 19cm/7.5 inches tall in 1/10 scale, features magnets embedded in his feet for stability on the display base.
  • Hawkeye stands in an action pose, ready for battle with his bow in hand.
  • Kotobukiya’s line of ARTFX+ statues based on Marvel Comics continues with the Hawkeye NOW! ARTFX+ statue!
  • Hawkeye joins the Hulk, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers in this impressive series of statues


Kotobukiya Marvel Universe Wolverine (Laura Kinney) Bishoujo Statue


  • Be sure to add this next generation hero that knows no fear even in the midst of battle to your collection!
  • The successor to Wolverine joins the Bishoujo series
  • Stylized in a brand new illustration
  • Base features sound of her extending her claws
  • Measures approximately 9.4” tall


Kotobukiya  Avengers Infinity War ARTFX+ PVC Statue 1/10 Gamora 



Kotobukiya – Marvel Lady Loki Bishoujo Statue



  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • New production run
  • Color of base and packaging have been revised
  • Base connects to Marvel Thor Jane Foster Bisjoujo, sold separately
  • Measures approximately 9.5” tall


Kotobukiya MARVEL – PVC ARTFX 1/10 – Statuette Black Widow – 21cm,


MARVEL – PVC ARTFX 1/10 – Statuette Black Widow – 21cm.Fast forward to today and Kotobukiya is most well known for its static resin models within the ARTFX and ARTFX+ lines.


Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo statuette PVC 1/7 Thor (Jane Foster)

  • From Kotobukiya’s popular ‘Bishoujo’ range comes this exciting PVC statue of Thor.
  • The statue designed by Shunya Yamashita is approx. 31 cm tall and comes with an attractive base in a window box.
  • Size: 31


Kotobukiya 1:10 Scale Marvel Comics Emma Frost Artfx Plus Statue (Black)




  • Kotobukiya
  • License:Marvel
  • Kotobukiya’s master craftsmanship



Kotobukiya X-Men Statue Beast



  • PVC
  • Created after the ilustration of Adi Granov
  • Officially licensed Marvel product


In conclusion, the Kotobukiya  statues available at the Epicheroes Shop are a must-have for any serious collector or fan of the Marvel Universe. With their stunning attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, these statues truly bring the iconic characters to life in a way that is sure to impress. Whether you’re a fan of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, or any other beloved Marvel hero, there’s a Kotobukiya statue waiting for you at Epicheroes. Don’t miss out on the chance to add these incredible pieces to your collection and showcase your love for Marvel in style! Visit Epicheroes Shop today and make these exceptional statues a part of your own personal superhero lineup.


The Amazing Spider-Man Statue By Kotobukiya



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