Tuesday , April 23 2024

Let's Make a Superhero – Step by Step – Part 2 – in Manga Studio 5

In this video we take some of the ideas that were in the comments from the previous video and draw them into our superhero character!
There were lots of great ideas and unfortunately I cannot use them all but we will try to incorporate the ones that seem to be the most popular by the likes that were given. Now we take those concepts and rough them into our superhero form. Your next task in this process is to give your insight into the characters current direction.

Question to answer are…..

1. Should the character be changed in any way? Small direction changes only please!!!

2. With the current powers, what should he be named?

3. Weaknesses?

4. What are the suit colors?

Things like that should give us the final information to carry the drawing to the next level.

Have fun with it and remember to like other comments to make my job easier! ūüėČ

More on the way real soon!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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