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Lost In Terra Dimension – Independent Fan Film

Lost In Terra Dimension – Independent Fan Film

Lost In Terra Dimension - Independent Fan Film
Lost In Terra Dimension – Independent Fan Film

Lizelle Gutierrez and Kat Lehto started writing Lost in Terra Dimension several years ago. With the resources they had available; they painstakingly wrote, directed, filmed, produced and starred in this film. Gutierrez and Lehto are grateful to have the help of amazing actors, film editor Vasilios Alagiannis, film visual effects artist Kevin Morris, film sound and composer Ly Vui and crew members, including Elvie Gro. Medina. Gutierrez and Lehto worked almost every weekend for a year; traveling in California between Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Ontario and Riverside to shoot the footage and scout the locations for each scene.

Lost In Terra Dimension - Independent Fan Film


The film was brought to life with the hard work of everyone involved. Gutierrez and Lehto are thankful for Royalty Creative and Ly Vui, and her love and multifaceted contribution to the film, for finalizing the film project – including with additional film editing and additional film visual effects, for creating a website, and for helping promote and launch the film release April 2 2022!

“We are grateful for all the hard work and dedication of the entire team. We feel blessed and honored to present this film, which has been several years in the making. We hope you enjoy this film and thanks again to all involved.” – Lizelle Gutierrez and Kat Lehto

From the creative filmmakers, Kat Lehto and Lizelle Gutierrez Lost in Terra Dimension, a heroic story of endurance and hope. Two sisters (Kat Lehto and Lizelle Gutierrez) from another life get stuck in the 25th dimension in a dream reality. Their main objective is to find one another and get out. They undergo obstacles from the ruthless dictator Dom-X (John Moamar) to find their way back. Telda (Zoey Grayce) and the other fairy guides help guide them back. Spacle and Zeandra journey through different places, and encounter different beings from the 25th dimension. Dictator Dom -X separates them and paralyzes them. Their only hope is to find the lost key and to keep going. They can’t touch the skin of the people in the dimensions otherwise they become weak. Both may encounter love interests throughout the story.



Blondietimetwo Productions and Buena Luz Media

Release date

April 2022


Running time






English ,Spanish ,Arabic .Portuguese, French , German , Punjabi , Swahili , Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional) , Ukranian ,Latin , Russian , Hawaiian , Japanese , Greek ,Hindi ,Finnish ,Korean

Actors  Kat Lehto , Lizelle Gutierrez , John Moamar , Zoey Grayce , Colin Shull , Ben Ho

Director –  Kat Lehto and Lizelle Gutierrez


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama


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