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MCU Phase 4: The War Between Wakanda and Atlantis

MCU Phase 4: The War Between Wakanda and Atlantis

The War Between Wakanda and Atlantis Starts In Black Panther 2


Just because you’re heroes and save the planet, that doesn’t mean you always get along. Sometimes it’s rivalry, sometimes the heroes are both into the same person, sometimes it’s just ego. Then sometimes you don’t agree fundamentally one what it is you’re saving. That last one, that’s where Namor, king of Atlantis sits. The ruler of the land below the sea doesn’t have the best opinion of the people on the surface. Anything that threatens the surface dwellers that damage and pollute his ocean, well that seems like a win. Loki and the Chitauri invade? Doesn’t seem like his problem. Ultron wants to drop a city on the planet and cause an extinction event? Good luck. But once interstellar beings start showing up and wiping out half of existence, well, then things get personal. In the comics Wakanda and Atlantis have been at odds more than a few times despite their similarities. They are both technologically advanced civilizations that have chosen to hide themselves from the world and both of them carry that complication of sitting out world events. Now that Thanos has come to town and done his thing, Atlantis might not be able to hide anymore, but they might be bringing their rivalry with Wakanda to the surface as well. In fact, the most recent conflict between Wakanda and Atlantis bears more than a passing resemblance to the events that might be playing out in the MCU in the next saga. All of this points to Namor being the villain of the next Black Panther. Let’s take a look at how that might playout out given what we know.

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: A silly little talking fish that CBR found in the sewers
Edited by: Matthew Weinstein

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