Most anticipated video games of 2021

Most anticipated video games of 2021

2021 is already producing a fantastic year for video games and much of this is coming off the back of a surge in popularity for the industry. With COVID and lockdowns enforced around the world, more people than ever have been gaming, which has led to this major success. You have players picking up a betfair promotion code and other offers available for online casino games, whilst mobile gaming and traditional PC gaming has also been on the rise. So, with this being said, what are the most anticipated video games of the year?


  • Horizon Forbidden West

First to make the list is Horizon Forbidden West, which will be available on both PS4 and PS5. It is set to be released in the latter period of the year, but expectations are already building ahead of its much anticipated release. Horizon Zero Dawn had been a classic for PS4 and was simply unmatched for Xbox users, which further showed the power that PlayStation has over the market. This new release is now expected to follow in the same footsteps for PS5, with a new land full of robotic beats and some stunning sights.


  • God Of War: Ragnarok

Another game that is only available for PS5 and will be coming off the back of Sony’s God of War, which has been one of the best games of this recent generation. This next game now has a lot to live up to, but expectations are that it will be as good as the previous. It will provide an intense adventure for players, with anticipation continued to build ahead of the release, that is expected at some point in 2021.


  • Halo Infinite

The final game to make this select list, which will be available on not only Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One but also PC. Halo has been one of the long standing successes for Xbox and this was expected to be released in 2020 but was moved to this year, following some upgrades that needed to be made. Halo 5 was however a let-down for many, so they really need to get some improvements on this release, which is why they are not rushing it. This could be one of many epic releases from Xbox this.





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