Monday , April 15 2024

My new SKETCHBOOK TOUR! May 2020 – Comic concept art, gouache + watercolor painting, pose practice

I finished another sketchbook! Hope you’ll enjoy this relaxing half an hour flipping through it with me. I tried my hand at making a handbound sketchbook with different kinds of watercolor paper and brown paper mixed in to have different drawing surfaces, and I failed pretty bad at the binding part. But even though the binding is really sloppy I enjoyed the messiness of sketching in it.

This sketchbook contains a lot of concept art for my webcomic (Stand Still. Stay Silent, it’s free to read at SSSSCOMIC.COM), particularly art relating to chapter 9, which I was drawing while working in this sketch book. And a bunch of random drawings of random art practice subjects, pose practice etc. (Timeframe of sketches: November 2019 to April 2020.)

Materials used in this sketchbook: Watercolors, fineliner markers, brush pens, gouache paint, alcohol brush markers, paint markers (Posca pens) and lots of white gel pen. Sooo… pretty much all the art supplies I own.

I’ll see you all next week again for a speedpaint/art timelapse when I start my new sketch book!

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My WEBSITE aka my dear WEBCOMIC “Stand Still.Stay Silent”:
INSTAGRAM handle (I post just art there): hummingfluff
TWITTER handle (I use it to post comic updates and such): sssscomic

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For my digital art I use Clip Studio Paint for sketching, linearts and most of my coloring process, often I do some part of the coloring/painting part in Photoshop (it has some cooler brushes available that I enjoy)

I use a wacom cintic 12WX tablet for all my digital drawing needs, hooked up to a desktop computer, occasionally to my laptop. (Yes, it’s a SUPER old and small screen tablet! But it still works for me after over 1000 comic pages drawn with it. )

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