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Nadine Randle presents: K9 (Wide Awake) New Single

Nadine Randle presents: K9 (Wide Awake) New Single

Nadine Randle presents: K9 (Wide Awake) New Single

October 2023 – Nadine Randle has recently announced the release of a new single: K9 (Wide Awake). The track immediately kicks off with an energetic melody: the filtered synth sound progressively fades into a punchy syncopated beat, where Nadine gets to shine. The verses have a dreamy, textural quality that creates a more understated ambiance. This is a great production trick to make the chorus sound more explosive and full, as the main synth riff becomes more prominent again, and the vocal harmonies add to the thickness and fullness of the arrangement. Nadine’s voice is beautiful and sultry. On one hand, she has a deep tone that’s emotionally driven. On the other, she brings so much energy, as she is capable of belting out notes as needed to punch through!

Nadine’s music is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Rihanna or Kelly Rowland, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Nadine Randle, and do not miss out on K9 (Wide Awake), which is going to be available on streaming services very soon.

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Nadine was born in the UK and have spent half my life there. I have dual citizenship, and this has always characterized my music and my way of looking at things. I truly believe that nothing is impossible, and that the world is for everyone! I write my music in English and that’s because that language is my easiest way to express myself. But have some songs in Swedish such as my song with Jan Johansen- Never too late for us.

She was discovered in a talent contest Rix fm I was a finalist, artists like Petter, Titiyo, Robyn and me. I got to work with big producers such as Max Martin, Alex Kronlund, Joacim Persson, Niclas Mollinder, Bloodshy & avant Gyllene tider, Carole.Tre Kronor Hockey.

Singer-songwriter Nadine Randle is an artist on the rise, topping the charts in her native Sweden and revving up crowds recently with her powerhouse vocals at Dubai Jazz Festival. Whether she’s lending her voice as the official singer for Sweden’s national football teams or debuting new music on iHeart Radio, Randle’s star continues to shine. But it’s her latest collaboration that has fans buzzing.

Randle is one of a slew of global artists to contribute their talents to Mastercard’s first-ever foray into music She is an energetic live artist who has been in the industry as an accomplished songwriter and singer and has previously written and sung on the single Merry Go Round released with MasterCard worldwide. 2020-2021 was a short year for live performances but she managed to go on a promotion tour in USA and the United Arab Emirates where she supported acts like French Montana, Lauryn Hill, Lionel Richie, One Republic. Looks like the live scene in 2023 has restarted again, so Nadine is releasing singles with creative producing teams, so she can perform them live in front of audiences.

She have participated in many different TV contexts as an artist, including TV4 with Holy Night, SVT – Musikhjälpen, Kanal 5, Participated in Radio on SR, P4 – Svensktoppen Next, P3 Swedish National radio- Din gata


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