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Never Hike Alone: A Friday the 13th Fan Film | Official Trailer #1 | (2017) HD

NEVER HIKE ALONE USA | Official Trailer #1 (2017) | HD

Never Hike Alone is a 22-minute short film that follows the story of KYLE MCLEOD (Andrew Leighty), an avid backcountry hiker who, while on a solo backpacking trip, discovers the long lost remains of CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. Ignoring the campfire ghost stories from his childhood, Kyle’s curious nature draws him in to see what is left of the camp since it was closed after the infamous 1980 Friday the 13th murders.

However, Kyle’s innocent search of the camp turns deadly when he is attacked by Camp Crystal Lake’s last remaining resident, JASON VOORHEES.

Stranded alone in the middle of the wilderness, with no equipment, and a legendary mass murderer on his heels, Kyle’s survival skills will be put to the test like never before. Will he make it out of the woods alive or become another victim of the infamous cursed camp?

The story of Never Hike Alone is one of man vs nature in the most extreme way.

Taking inspiration from films such as 127 Hours, The Martian, and The Descent, this film takes a tale as old as time and shines it through a lens of the Friday the 13th universe.

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Kyle: Andrew Leighty
Jason: Himself

Produced By: Vincente DiSanti, Christopher Thellas, Kyle Klein
Directed by: Vincente DiSanti
Written by: Vincente DiSanti
Cinematography by: Christopher Thellas
Aerial Cinematography by: John Cabrera
First AC: John Cabrera
Editing: Sarah C. DiSanti
Music: Trevor Vaughn
Color Correction: Greg Emerson
FX by: CFX Composite Effects
Camera Rental by: Evan Butka

Additional Audio: Audio Jungle

Special Thank You:

Jonathan Abrielle
Oliver Lebourg
Scott Medeiros
Kyle Hause
Brian Gazdik
Jess Horowitz
James Brady
Lily Klein
Mr & Mrs. Thellas
John and Diane @ South Fork

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