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Online Marvel Slots and why they’re so popular

We’ve all heard of Marvel at least once in our lifetime. Be it through Marvel comics when we were a kid, or Marvel movies when we were young adults. Regardless of what kind of contact we’ve had with this franchise, it’s undeniable that it’s the most popular comic series in the world.

It may not be the biggest in terms of sales, but in terms of popularity, it’s definitely in the Top 3.

One thing people tend to forget about Marvel and comic books, in general, is that they don’t necessarily generate their income through movie sales and comic book sales. At least not the majority of their income for that matter.

Most of the revenue comes from selling merchandise and licenses to use these specific characters in various ways for entertainment.

The most common cases are toys for kids in the form of the Hulk or maybe Iron Man, but there’s one specific avenue that these comic book legends have taken in the past years. That avenue is called gaming.

Gaming can be divided into two sectors. The first one is the typical video game with a story, action-based gameplay and etc. The second one is all about gambling and using the faces of these characters in the symbols.

We will be taking a look at the gambling side of Marvel characters today and find out how casino software providers use these familiar faces to entertain their audience.

The importance of Marvel slots

Marvel slots may not be particularly beneficial to the players, but they sure are for the developers that make them. You see, whenever a person wants to play free online casino games they are bombarded with choice upon choice.

Every developer wants to gather a large following on their newest game before they start suggesting it to online casinos, and ultimately selling it to them. The best way to grab a player’s attention is to not necessarily create something new in this industry, which is an anomaly in itself.

In fact, studies have shown that gambling enthusiasts are much more likely to play games that have characters they’re already familiar with. And what better character can one choose besides Iron Man, Spider-man or even Captain America? Almost all of these characters have a specific slot designed for them.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Avengers Slot

Considering that the Avengers movie is slightly newer compared to the introductory movies or even comic books of separate characters, it’s easy to say that this slot is by far not the most popular, but the most inclusive of them all.

Marvel Slots

The game is designed in the traditional manner of 5 reels with three rows and allows players to generate as much as x7000 of their bet if they’re lucky. The developers made sure that the animations, soundtrack, and visuals are directly correlated with the movie everybody’s aware of.

It’s like cashing in on the battles as they rage in the Marvel Multiverse.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk slot is the first on our list of personalised slots games for the most popular Marvel Characters.

It’s obvious that the developers of this game were big fans of the green giant and have designed the slot in absolute accordance with the character’s story arc.

Although the default version of the slot is a generic slot, the moment you enter the bonus level or generate some kind of free spins you’ll enter the “Hulk Smash” mode.

And what’s better to see one of your favourite characters smash up some police cars which then generate you cash?

Don’t forget about the expanding wilds as well, we can’t forget about Bruce Banner (the man behind the Hulk) expanding when he turns into his violent and green alter ego.

Iron Man slots

There are just as many Iron Man slots as there are movies about Tony Stark. The philanthropist billionaire genius playboy gets all the attention from most Marvel fans especially after his crucial role in Avengers: Endgame (Spoilers!).

Most of the slots games are jam-packed with action, but it’s not like they’ll be given to you straight away. Getting to the free spins modes and bonus levels takes some time and some spins for that matter to witness.

But once you do, you’ll be getting a hefty chance at generating almost x3000 of your initial bet if you’re lucky enough.

Spider-man slots

Unlike the actors of Spidey, the developer for Spider-man slots has remained the same. Playtech has created one of the most interactive slots games that any gambler regardless of their views on the Marvel franchise will enjoy thoroughly.

Almost every spin with the game gives you a chance to x3, x5 or even x10 your initial bet with a maximum of around x3000 cashout.

The game is very lively and action-packed just like the character itself. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for dropping Spider-man as well, Jameson will pay extra for the photos you take! He won’t pay in advance though.

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