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Orlando Bloom Wanted as Joe Exotic for Tiger King Movie ?

Orlando Bloom Wanted as Joe Exotic for Tiger King Movie ?

Tiger King Movie mania is sweeping the world, with Netlfix reporting that the true-crime documentary about the escalating war between Tiger breeder Joe Exotic and conservationist Carole Baskin has been viewed by more than 30 million viewers in its first week alone. Naturally, there are talks of cashing in on the craze with a biopic Tiger King Movie, and according to a report by The Sun, 20th Century Studios wants Orlando Bloom to play the role of Joe Exotic

Orlando Bloom Wanted as Joe Exotic for Tiger King Movie ?
Orlando Bloom Wanted as Joe Exotic for Tiger King Movie ?

Tiger King Movie  filming is on lockdown at the moment but the studios are exploring projects they can get going on as soon as possible and they think Tiger King Movie is the perfect story. The popularity of the series has been unprecedented and they think a film about it could be even more dramatic. The film could shed light on some details behind the scenes that were not shown in the Netflix series.”

Discussions about a Tiger King Movie have only just started but they believe the idea has legs, especially if they get a big star like Orlando on board. They think he could really bring Joe to life on the big screen.”

The success of the documentary has been mainly credited to the larger-than-life character of Joe Exotic. A zoo operator and breeder of big cats, Exotic led a colorful life, with marriages to multiple men, several attempts to start a political career, and a growing feud with Baskin over the treatment of tigers at his zoo, which culminated in Exotic taking out a hit on Baskin. After getting arrested by the police on charges of animal abuse and murder for hire, Exotic has spent the rest of his years in prison.

It is the kind of life that is ripe for a Tiger King Movie adaptation, and Orlando Bloom is a big enough star to get the project greenlit, especially with the current public interest in finding out any fresh details regarding Exotic’s tussle with Baskin. On the other hand, Exotic himself has mentioned that he would like to be played onscreen by Brad Pitt, while his ex-husband John Finlay has expressed a preference for being played by either Shia LeBeouf or Channing Tatum.

In any case, it will be a long while before production begins on a Tiger King Movie biopic or really any other movie. In the meantime, Exotic is said to be thrilled to have found out about his newfound fame from inside the walls of his prison. He would doubtless be even more happy to learn about the celebrities who have become his self-confessed fans, the most prominent example being Cardi B, who has taken to social media on several occasions to state her belief in Exotic’s innocence, and her desire to see him walk out of prison a free man.

Meanwhile, Baskin’s side of things will soon be further explored in a dramatization series based on her life, where the role of the animal rights activist will be played by SNL alum Kate McKinnon. This news straight up rumor comes from The Sun.

The Tiger King Netflix series explores the deeply interconnected society of big cat conservationists and collectors in America, and the private zoos and sanctuaries they have set up for these unusual and deadly animals. The primary subject is Joe Exotic, the eccentric owner of the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and his bitter years-long feud with Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Baskin presents herself as an animal rights activist whose mission is to provide a sanctuary for big cats raised in captivity, but Joe Exotic maintains that she is simply a rival zookeeper whose aim is to eliminate her competition. The two exchange threatening videos, legal allegations, protests, and targeted harassment campaigns, in which PETA and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service become involved. Joe Exotic goes so far as to allege that Baskin murdered her second husband Don Lewis, who has been missing since 1997.

Joe Exotic’s personal life becomes a subject of interest, particularly his unofficial three-way same-sex marriage to Travis Maldonado and John Finlay and his subsequent relationships with them and future husband Dillon Passage. His 2016 run for President of the United States and 2018 run for Governor of Oklahoma are documented with the assistance of his campaign manager, Joshua Dial. Producer Rick Kirkham recounts the rise and fall of “Joe Exotic TV”, a sort of podcast that Kirkham was hoping to develop into a TV series until his footage is mysteriously destroyed. The series then records the events leading up to Joe Exotic’s conviction under federal murder-for-hire statutes when it comes to light that he paid a hitman to murder Baskin; his conviction also includes violations of the Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act, and results in a 22-year federal prison sentence.

Other characters from the exotic animal community are introduced, including Bhagavan Antle, an animal breeder accused of leading a personality cult; Mario Tabraue, a former drug lord who became a federal informant and is now involved in animal trafficking; Jeff Lowe, a Las Vegas playboy to whom Joe Exotic turns over his zoo for legal reasons; and James Garretson, who became a confidential informant for the federal government and a key figure in making the case against Joe Exotic. Former G.W. Zoo employees such as manager John Reinke and animal wrangler Kelci “Saff” Saffery conclude the series by commenting that the animals themselves were forgotten amongst all the interpersonal fighting, and that no party has truly come out victorious

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