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Overwatch reinhardt cosplay at SDCC 2016 by Extreme Costumes

Overwatch reinhardt cosplay at SDCC 2016 by Extreme Costumes

reinhardt cosplay at SDCC 2016 by Extreme Costumes

Overwatch reinhardt cosplay at SDCC 2016 by Extreme Costumes

Some epic footage of Extreme Costume’s new Reinhardt cosplay from Overwatch at San Diego Comic Con 2016! See more about this at
Also featuring appearances including Darin De Paul (voice actor for Reinhardt), Jessica Nigri as Roadhog, D-Piddy, Mad Propps, and Cinema Makeup School!

Reinhardt cosplay is one of the most popular costumes for gamers and cosplayers alike. This iconic character from Overwatch has an impressive suit of armor that is both visually stunning and challenging to replicate. However, those who have taken on the task of creating a Reinhardt cosplay know that the end result is worth all the effort.

The first step in creating a Reinhardt cosplay is to gather reference materials. This includes screenshots from the game, concept art, and even fan-made drawings. From there, you will need to decide which version of Reinhardt’s armor you want to create. Some cosplayers opt for his classic Crusader armor, while others prefer his more modern Balderich skin or even his Blackheart skin.

Once you have decided on your design, it’s time to start building your Reinhardt cosplay.

About Overwatch Reinhardt

Overwatch Reinhardt has become one of the most loved and iconic characters in the game. He is a German tank hero whose main role is to protect his team from enemy fire with his massive shield. With his strong presence, he can also deal significant damage to enemies, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

What makes Reinhardt stand out from other tanks is his charge ability. He can rush forward with incredible speed and pin an enemy against a wall, dealing massive damage and stunning them for a brief period. This move can quickly turn the tide of battle as it allows Reinhardt’s team to take advantage of the stunned opponent and make quick work of them.

Reinhardt’s ultimate ability, Earthshatter, sends out a powerful shockwave that knocks down all enemies in front of him while dealing significant damage.

More Cosplay @

Overwatch cosplay at is the ultimate destination for fans of the popular video game to show off their passion for the characters they love. is a platform dedicated to all things geeky, and it’s no surprise that Overwatch has found its way into their fold. With a range of costumes and accessories available on site, cosplayers have everything they need to bring their favorite heroes to life.

The Overwatch universe is home to some of gaming’s most iconic characters, from Tracer and Soldier 76 to D.Va and Winston. At, cosplayers can choose from an extensive range of costumes, wigs, props, and other accessories that allow them to embody these amazing heroes. From helmets and guns to armor pieces and outfits – everything needed for a complete character transformation can be found here.

Overwatch reinhardt cosplay at SDCC 2016 by Extreme Costumes


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