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Planet Blue – Why Educating Children on Earth Stewardship will be Our Greatest Investment

Planet Blue – Why Educating Children on Earth Stewardship will be Our Greatest Investment

Planet Blue – Educating Children – We know the importance of taking care of our planet and the consequences if we don’t. It’s why each year, more people and nations are getting together to find ways we can take care of the place we call home through conservation efforts and renewable energy. While it takes all of us to take care of the environment, it’s even more important that we equip ourselves for the future.

Planet Blue Educating Children
Planet Blue – Educating Children

In thirty years, it will be our children that lead the way. This is our opportunity to make a difference far bigger than we can do alone.

Creating a future where children are stewards of the earth requires us to be intentional about how we educate them. Are we teaching them values that will shape their character as adults?

If we invest in our children, then we can create a better world for generations to come.

What we can do today:

TV, game apps and other forms of entertainment that teach earth stewardship values

  • Children love to watch cartoons, especially ones based on animals and nature. If we can utilize these interests, we can show them the value of earth’s eco-systems and how to take care of it starting at a young age.

Visit national parks and conservation areas

  •  By teaching them to appreciate nature early on, they will begin to see its importance and feel connected.

Be candid

  •  It’s ok to tell children the truth. This will plant seeds in their lives that will develop into environmental responsibility later in life.

When we choose to educate children about earth stewardship, we create a better and healthier culture. We teach them about respecting the wildlife, nature and people around us. We show them what it means to be contributors to society. We create an understanding of what it means to work together to make the world a better place.

Together our planet can thrive if we prepare the next generation.

We are so excited for our environmental series Planet Blue, where we teach lessons on taking care and nurturing the Earth. By being a corporate sponsor or partner with this type of educational content we can make a difference one child at a time towards a sustainable future.

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