Street Fighter Gouken 1/4 Statue – PCS Collectibles


Street Fighter Gouken 1/4 Scale Statue – PCS Collectibles

Street Fighter Gouken 1/4 Scale Statue – PCS Collectibles – Very limited edition collectible statue from Pop Culture Shock .Based on the best selling Video Game Street Fighter.


  • The world’s Largest Beat um up Video Game Street Fighter gets some Magnificent Custom made Premium Format Statues sculpted by the Gods at  PCS Collectibles
  • Capcom’s mighty Street Fighter Franchise will never be the same again.Just check out some of these Master Pieces Statues !! Ideal for display or worship !! Limited to 300 Pieces Only


Gouken is a fictional character in the Street Fighter video game series. Gouken is a martial arts master who trained Ryu and Ken, as well as the elder brother and former training partner of Akuma. Street Fighter Gouken is usually depicted as a bearded man who wears Mala prayer beads on his neck and a karate gi with the kanji mu (無), or “void” sewn to the back. Although Gouken has been a supporting character in the Street Fighter series since Super Street Fighter II Turbo, he did not make his first full-fledged appearance in the video game until his appearance as a hidden character in Street Fighter IV.

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