Monday , March 4 2024

Red Robin New 52 – Cosplay Showcase

” Let the Geek Speak ” Presents Our Tips & Tricks on your Comic Creations. In this Showcase video ill be going over how I made my Red Robin Tim Drake New 52 inspired costume. I used red light weight red polyester fabric for the chest base using my clothing like shirts and jeans to recreate the body suit pattern. I also used Black 4 way stretch way Lycra fabric for the sides and inserts to that the body is a custom tight fit. The additional props and pieces are the gauntlets and utility belt that I go over in detail to give that new 52 DC Comics look. I was really inspired by those run of comics to make this costume and you guys can do it too. I enjoyed the 2 day process and the cowl was also a labour of love ill keep using throughout multiple costume concepts.


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