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Resident Evil the end of the world – Sci Fi Movies (Fan Made)

Resident Evil the end of the world – Sci Fi Movies (Fan Made)

Resident Evil the end of the world – Sci Fi Movies (Fan Made)


Resident Evil the end of the world – Sci Fi Movies (Fan Made)

Resident Evil the end of the world – Sci Fi Movies (Fan Made) .Based on the Best Selling Video Game Resident Evil by Capcom.

Resident Evil, known in Japan as Biohazard, is a media franchise created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara and owned by the Japanese video game company Capcom. The franchise focuses on a series of survival horror games, but also incorporates a series of live-action films, animations, comic books, novels, audio dramas, and merchandise. The story follows outbreaks of zombies and other monsters created mainly by the fictional Umbrella Corporation.

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The first Resident Evil was released in 1996, taking place in a mansion overrun with zombies. The franchise has grown to encompass numerous sequels of various genres, incorporating elements of action, exploration, and puzzle solving, and storylines inspired by horror and action films. Resident Evil is Capcom’s bestselling game franchise, with over 82 million copies sold worldwide by 2018.

The development of the game, originally titled Biohazard, began in 1993 when Tokuro Fujiwara conceived it as a remake of his earlier 1989 Capcom horror game Sweet Home, when the project was then led by Shinji Mikami.[3][4] When in late 1994 marketing executives were setting up to bring the game to the United States, it was pointed out that a DOS game had been recently registered under that name, so a contest was held among company personnel to choose a new name; this competition turned up Resident Evil, the name currently known in the west. In Japan the games are still known as Biohazard.

Resident Evil made its debut on the PlayStation in 1996 and was later ported to the Sega Saturn.(source wiki)

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Regarding a “Resident Evil Movie” reboot, Constantin is “still working on it creatively,” stating that one option could be a TV series if not a movie. ”For us, the main thing is to get it right creatively so people don’t think it’s more of the same.” In the meantime Mill Jovovich will first appear in the Monster Hunter adaptation. Monster Hunter is another CapCom property with a huge following. Resident Evil movie fans are just going to have to get their gamer movie fix from this fan made movie and Monster Hunter.

Anderson also directed the first, fourth, fifth and sixth Resident Evil movies, whose relatively low budgets of US$33m to US$65m have generated some very decent global box office revenue of US$100m to US$312m : and a whopping, tremendous cumulative franchise return of US$1.2b from an estimated total investment of US$291m. Not bad for a few years work. Resident Evil movie fans are a loyal bunch so those numbers are probably by Monster Hunter has got the green light.

The Resident Evil 2018 movie is not going to happen anytime soon and there are no other Resident Evil animated movies in the pipeline. If you are not sure of the chronology of the Resident Evil movie, here is more information on Wikipedia. So Resident Evil fans the wait is not over anytime soon, sorry guys.

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