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Rexy and the Volcano – Funny Dinosaur Cartoon for Families

The adventures of Rexy, the cute little T-Rex in the Jurassic World of friendly Dinosaurs – a cinematic dinosaur animation series available exclusively on YouTube! CGI Animated Film by Aenimax Innovation – ©2020 All Rights Reserved

Episode #1 – Rexy is awakened by a rude centipede, just in time to hear the distant roar of a huge erupting volcano. Rexy becomes so fascinated that he starts looking for the fiery mountain immediately and leaves his sleeping parents in the T-Rex nest. His journey leads him through the land of giant Brachiosaurs and a magic mushroom forest where he accidentally falls down a waterfall and makes an utterly impossible skydive through soaring rocky towers. The flying T-Rex eventually plunges into the sea where he has an unlikely encounter with an enormous Plesiosaur. What happens when Rexy finally reaches the Volcano? Does his Papa save him from the ugly Velociraptors lurking at the foot of the mountain? Watch this episode, cheer for this reckless but brave little T-Rex and marvel at the exotic Dinosaurs he meets along his journey!

This CGI Animated Film is presented in spectacular 4K HFR ( 60 Fps ) video format optimized for the latest High Quality HDR Displays: Mobile, Tablet, Game Console and TV.

We are an independent 3D animation studio creating this show only for you, our YouTube audience. Please subscribe, share the video and leave your thoughts in the comment section below to help us achieve our goal, which is to work on this series fulltime and provide you with new episodes more often.


Adam Magyar
Producer / Director / General Technical Artist
StoryBoard / Concept Art / Environment Design / Matte Painting
Modeling / Texturing / Shading / Rigging / Animation / Simulation
Camera Operation / Lighting / Rendering / Compositing / Stereography
Post Production / Color Grading / Video Editing / Typography / Title
Music Editing / Voice Acting / Sound Design / Sound Mixing
System Administration / Hardware / Software Management

Peter Borszeki
Executive Producer / Assistant to Director / Production Manager
Model and Terrain Editor / Simulation Operator / Asset Tracking
Render Manager / Compositing Editor / Voice Over Editor
Project Communication / PR Coordination

Gabor F Balazs
Foley Editor / Sound Effects / Sound Mastering

Judit Kelemen
Aenimax Office Manager / Artistic Advisor

Some 3D scans used in this film are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
Check copies of the licenses below and visit
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“Pohutukawa tree 8” by b_nealie License:
“Pohutukawa tree at Takapuna beach” by b_nealie License:
“Pohutukawa tree 5” by b_nealie License:
“Pohutukawa tree 7” by b_nealie License:
“Moreton Bay Fig Tree 3” by b_nealie License:
“Moreton Bay Fig Tree 4” by b_nealie License:
“Moreton Bay Fig Tree 5” by b_nealie License:
“Olive Tree 1” by b_nealie License: visit
“Olive Tree 4” by b_nealie License:
“Lowpoly Animal Skulls – 1” by Loïc Norgeot License:
“Lowpoly Mushrooms” by Loïc Norgeot License:
“Broadhaven” by e.RocK License:
“St Ann’s Head, Pembrokeshire” by e.RocK License:
“Grotteneingang” by License:
“Ostnac” by 3dhdscan License:
“Rock layering 1” by 3dhdscan License:
“Davia Rocks” by AliceVision is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. License:


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