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Smyths Toys – Star Wars Jedi Training Remote

Now you can train like a Jedi! Use the power of the Force to control this miniature droid used in Jedi combat training. Jedi Training Remote is propeller powered, and features repulsors, as seen on the original Jedi Training Remote featured in Star Wars, ‘A New Hope’. Train like Luke Skywalker and avoid the simulated sting beams which fire at random! Switch between 2 modes using the RC handset (included). Mode 1 allows Remote Control function to govern speed and height plus manual fire of the Sting Beams. Mode 2 is ‘Force Control’ which sets the Jedi Training Remote into Auto Hover using Artificial Intelligence, just like the original in the movie! In Mode 2 you can use the power of the Force and control its height by waving your hand, feet or any solid deflecting object below it. In constant use Jedi Training Remote will Auto Fly for 5-6 minutes. Recharges in less than 30 minutes using the USB cable included.

Buy online at https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/action-figures-and-playsets/star-wars/star-wars-jedi-training-remote/p/161992

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