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All The Star Wars Lightsabers Ever Infographic

All The Star Wars Lightsabers Ever Infographic.

Star Wars Lightsabers have enchanted,mesmerized & completely besotted  us ever since the Star Wars Saga burst onto our scenes in the Mid 70’s. A sophisticated weapon of mystery and elegance that wields pure plasma power !! Over the years both the Jedi & Sith lords have used Lightsabers to  protect themselves and battle it out with the enemies.

In This great infographic we feature some of the most amazing Lightsabers ever featured in the Star Wars Movies. Including Anakin Skywalker,Obi-wanKenobi,Ezra’s Blaster,Ki-Adi-mundi,Qui-gon-jin,Yoda,Luke Skywalker,Ahsoka Tano,Darth Sidious,Darth Vader,Kylo Ren,Savage Opress & Mace Windu.

These days you can actually own your very own working Lightsabers replica’s with movie like lighting & sound effects.

Just in case you want to battle it out with your friends in the dark…Yes this great invention can give you hour’s of fun also (o:

The prices of Replica Lightsabers Range from Low to High.Hasbro for example produce a variety of fun lightsaber toys ,ideal for the kids but if your looking for a more premium realistic replica that feels and looks like the real thing then we highly recomend you check out Gentle Giant & Sideshow Collectibles products.

Over the years their have been all the following types of lightsabers & made in these colors.

 Tpye : Single-bladed, Double-bladed lightsaber, Double-bladed spinning lightsaber, Lightsaber pike, Crossguard lightsaber
 Colors: Black (darksaber), Blue, Light blue, Green, Yellow-green, Purple, Red (darksiders only), White, Yellow

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