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Star Wars: The Most Powerful Characters Ranked

Not All Star Wars Characters Are As Powerful As You Believe
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Anytime someone dives into the Star Wars franchise there’s going to be controversial opinions. Some of us like Darth Maul, and some of us like Count Doku. There’s just a large variety of opinions in the fan base.

We did our best to assemble the essential power rankings for the top Star Wars characters. Even people who aren’t force Sensitive like Han Solo made the list. There’s a spot for everyone’s favorite person on this list. Even some of the biggest names from the Clone Wars and Rebels series found their way on this list. Of course, no list like this is free from controversial positioning. Just wait till you see where we put Mace Windu on this list. It’s a big risk, but we stand by it.

Of course, you can’t give us your own opinion without watching first, so what are you waiting for? Give this one a click and let us know what you think!

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