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RUN! | Short Horror Comedy Film

WATCH MORE: Sometimes you’re caught in the moment. Sometime you’re just caught! Starring Lauren Powell and Eddie Huchro Written by Jeph Porter Directed by Jeph Porter Cinematography by Rudy Rubio Edited by Jeph Porter Music by Joe Shadid Color and Mix by Michael Lux #shortfilms #shortfilm #film #filmfestival #filmmaking …

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Silent Love

Love is a train running on endless tracks and it’s going to run you over unexpectedly. Have a look at our new videos: 🔹 LOVE IS NEVER A MISTAKE 🔹 THE DATE a Codcast Italia Production Directed and written by Giacomo Zanni Actors: Francesca Germini Tomas Leardini Screenplay: Davide Cogni …

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THE DEAL – Short Comedy

Title: A Misadventure in Locksmithing: A Comedy of Errors Introduction: In this blog post, we will recount a humorous and eventful encounter between two individuals involved in a questionable transaction. The story revolves around a failed attempt to retrieve locked goods from a car, leading to unexpected consequences. Join us …

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