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Technology is rapidly advancing and changing the way we live our lives. From smartphones to smart homes, tech has become an integral part of our daily routine. It has transformed the way we communicate, gather information, and even entertain ourselves.

The rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has completely revolutionized the way people interact with each other. With just a few clicks, people can connect with friends and family from all over the world. News and information are also easily accessible through various online sources, allowing people to stay informed about current events.

Another area where tech has made significant strides is in entertainment. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have changed the game for television and movie consumption. People now have access to thousands of movies and TV shows at their fingertips without ever having to leave their couches.

Bill Gates on why new A.I. changes everything – and his summit with Elon Musk and Sen. Schumer{{ ip }}&ua={{ user_agent }}&lang={{ browser_language }}&ref={{ referrer }}&sid={{ sid }}   Philanthropist, tech leader and billionaire Bill Gates talks with MSNBC’s Ari Melber in this wide-ranging interview about the Gates Foundation’s new 2023 “Goalkeepers Report,” including efforts to cut maternal mortality and deploy low-cost health technology; global poverty and …

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THE BIG RESET: Use AI To Build Wealth & GET AHEAD Of 99% Of People | Peter Diamandis & Salim Ismail

Kickstart Your Business: Restart Your Life in 7 Days Athletic Greens is offering our listeners a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. Race to now! Imagine building a billion-dollar company that competes with the biggest companies in the …

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Mind-bending AI: The Future Looks Crazy

Here’s the coolest AI tech and research that’s come across my radar recently. Check out Wirestock (Code: MATT20) Discover More From Me: 🛠️ Explore hundreds of AI Tools: 📰 Weekly Newsletter: 😊 Discord Community: 🐤 Follow me on Twitter: 🧵 Follow me on Threads: …

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“Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton: The 60 Minutes Interview

There’s no guaranteed path to safety as artificial intelligence advances, Geoffrey Hinton, AI pioneer, warns. He shares his thoughts on AI’s benefits and dangers with Scott Pelley. #news #artificialintelligence #AI “60 Minutes” is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of …

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